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Why the Equal Rights Amendment Still Matters, and How Lawyers Are Leading the Effort

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Nearly fifty years ago, Congress passed the Equal Rights Amendment with overwhelming support from both sides of the aisle and sent it to the states for ratification. By the late 1970s, 35 states had ratified—three short of the 38 required for a constitutional amendment. Now, the ERA is surging forward once again. Since 2017, three additional states have ratified, passing the constitutional threshold. The House of Representatives has voted to remove the time limit imposed in the 1970s—with a similar bill pending in the Senate—and the Attorneys General of the three most recent ratifying states (Virginia, Illinois, and Nevada) have filed a lawsuit challenging the time limits effectiveness. In this special program, you will learn about why ratifying the ERA is still important and necessary, what the ERA would (and would not) accomplish, and why it is not too late. You will also learn about the role lawyers are playing and why one international law firm has chosen to take a leadership role in the effort.

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