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COVID-19: Vaccination Protocols and the Regulatory and Legal Landscape

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With multiple COVID-19 vaccines making their way toward Emergency Use Authorization, some as soon as December 2020, many questions have been raised regarding the legal and process considerations for employers as they consider mandating vaccinations for some or all of their employees, as well as the regulatory structure and state and federal vaccine distribution plans. This presentation examines the legal considerations for employers and employees as companies consider mandating COVID-19 vaccinations, as well as the regulatory structure for distributing COVID-19 vaccines in accordance with state and federal programs that are not mandating vaccinations. In this one-hour presentation, Ms. Kirshenbaum and Ms. Hein will provide the following insights for attorneys: Step-by-step guidance as to how to put a COVID-19 vaccination protocol into place in accordance with federal law. How employers can look to the influenza vaccination landscape to get an understanding of the legal environment for a potential COVID-19 vaccination program. An overview of the influenza vaccination case law and regulatory guidance and how it may be applied to employers' COVID-19 vaccination programs. Discussion of religious exemption requests to vaccines that are and are not protected by Title VII. Discuss the framework for distributing COVID-19 vaccines to vaccination sites and what employers and/or health care providers can do to prepare for distribution. An overview of PREP Act Immunity

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