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Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt -- Harnessing the Power of Psychology in the Courtroom to Win Your Client's Case - Part 3

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Part 3 in a 3-part series - Human expression has always fascinated me. In this presentation, I begin by addressing the “villain” stereotype that is hoisted on a criminal defendant from the moment the jury enters a courtroom and what we can do to blunt it. We are all familiar with catch phrases like, “To really know what another person is going through, you need to walk a day in their shoes.” Truer words have never been spoken and this saying is a fundamental tenet for being a zealous trial lawyer. But practically speaking, empathy can be hard, especially when the person you’re defending is accused of doing bad things. 

We’ll explore this topic from a different perspective that may forever change the way you view your clients. We’ll also explore some exercises that will help you to expand your capacity for human connection so that you can relate more to your clients. 

We will them move into psychology where I will introduce you to Carl Jung and how his teachings have been used by Hollywood producers for generations to tell some of the most riveting stories on the big screen. I’ll dissect it, provide you with examples, and then show you how this same framework can be applied in the courtroom when you stand up to tell your client’s story.

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