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Working Time Issues Under the FLSA: Teleworking, Off Duty Emails, and Other Landmines

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Under the Fair Labor standards act, employees perform many duties that may be so intertwined with their primary job function as to become compensable. These “preliminary and “postliminary duties are often the subject of controversy and litigation, especially with possible classes of workers suing. This issue has been made even more important and potentially worrisome for employers with the advent and continuation of COVID-19 and the affect the virus has had on employees working from home. Telecommuting, dealing with and responding to emails, travelling, and other similar issues may involve activities that are compensable and may sneak up on employers if they are not cognizant of applicable principles. Learning Objectives: 1) Recognition of Preliminary/Postliminary Activities 2) Determination of Integral Indispensable Nature of Activity 3) Analysis of Compensability 4) Controlling and Monitoring

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