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Using Gender Savvy to Boost your Bottom Line—How Understanding Gender Communication Differences Will Help You to Succeed

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Quite often, simple misunderstandings by both female and male attorneys in the workplace and with clients can prohibit opportunities to develop new business and to interact successfully with colleagues. Join Andrea Kramer as she teaches you how to differentiate gender communication styles and discusses techniques that you can use to become more effective communicators. Through this program, you will learn to build upon and improve your daily interactions with your clients and colleagues, allowing you to maximize your business development potential while functioning in a successful working environment.

Available in States

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado Eligible
  • Georgia
  • New Jersey Eligible
  • New York

Program Categories

  • California Participatory MCLE Programs
  • Elimination of Bias--Special ethics
  • Law Practice Management
  • New York Accredited
  • Substance Abuse & Bias