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To Embed, or Not to Embed, that is the Question

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A discussion on an increasingly tumultuous area of on-line copyright law. The discussion focuses on a trend where courts are increasingly allowing cases to proceed on the merits in instances of media publishers embedding, a practice of displaying content from one platform into another without actually hosting the underlying content. For years, such a practice seemed safe under the Ninth Circuits “server test. However, districts in other circuits are rejecting that the server test is settled law and questioning the legality of embedding. As social media makes embedding content a more available feature, this broadcast discusses the risks of continuing to embed content without first acquiring permission and possible alternatives.

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  • Asset Protection
  • Business Organizations & Contracts
  • Computer, Internet & E-Commerce Law
  • Consumer Protection Laws
  • Copyright Law
  • Federal Courts
  • Information Technology
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Patent Law
  • Social Media Law
  • Technology Law
  • Trademark Law


  • Areas of Professional Practice : 1 Credit