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The 7 Layer Cake of Information Security: What Really Matters and What Really Doesnt

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Attorneys and other professional service providers face a myriad of data security concerns including protecting your own data, protecting the confidential client data placed in your care, advising clients on how to protect their data, and resolving the consequences of a data breach or data loss. While these issues are often obscured by baffling jargon and unfamiliar concepts, this presentation demystifies those technical aspects. Equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to secure your (and your clients) data and learn your options in the event of a data breach or loss. By way of practical illustration, we trace a single case involving a real-world data breach in order to highlight inadequate security practices and see how forensic examination of the data uncovered a trail of digital clues. The presentation follows the framework of the Open Systems Interconnection Model, a common framework within the world of IT used to organize how computer systems and networks work.

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  • Administrative Law & Regulations
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