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Tanenbaum on Technology Law and More: Patent and IP Issues in Outsourcing

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The methods and processes used to deliver business process, business transformation and IT outsourcing are key candidates for patent and other IP protection. This month William A. Tanenbaum discusses two IP predictions-that providers will compete to own methods that bring success in the market place and seek exclusive rights to these methods under patent laws, and that patent litigation will be the result-and offers offensive and defensive steps to protect the rights of providers, customers and consultants, including: What is patentable in outsourcing, and what is already patented? How, when and why should providers invest in building a patent portfolio? Should customers obtain patents when outsourcing when they do not do so their regular business? Should consultants get patents, and what happens if they do? How can joint ownership of IP be a trap rather than a solution in outsourcing?

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