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Suspensions, Debarments and Related Ethical Issues for Government Contractors

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For a Federal government contractor, nothing is more frightening than the prospect of suspension or debarment. Suspension cannot only interrupt a contractor’s current operations, it can also prevent that contractor from receiving any federal contracts in the foreseeable future. For many business owners, this would mean the end of their business entirely. 

In this CLE, experienced government contracts attorney Maria Panichelli will walk attendees through the FAR’s suspension and debarment process. She will discuss the most common causes of suspensions and debarments, providing insights into what sort of conduct raises a red flag with government personnel, and how contractors can protect their businesses against some of the most common mistakes that lead to debarment. She will also discuss what a contractor can do if it is facing suspension or debarment. Finally, the webinar will cover the rights and remedies available to contractors in fighting an improper suspension or debarment.

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