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Should You Be Scared of Your Clients' Involvement with Cryptocurrency?

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Regardless of your opinion on cryptocurrency, blockchains, and decentralized applications, there has been rapid growth and mainstream adoption of this space. As a result, your clients (and future clients) are more likely than ever to have a connection to this market. While the underlying technology may be confusing, recent prosecutorial headlines are simply terrifying. You’d have a good reason for concern: a quick search of “Bitcoin” on the DOJ’s website returns more than 800 hits related to child trafficking, money laundering, terrorist financing, and other similar results. With the total value of crypto assets continuing to climb over $2 trillion, the government is stepping up enforcement and levying strong penalties against wrongdoers. In this program, you will learn about what type of conduct is catching the attention of prosecutors, how to distinguish illegal activity from a legitimate business, what it all means for your clients going forward.

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