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Recent Developments in Trademark Law

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The presentation will summarize and share insights about the impact of recent developments in trademark law. “Who cares about this topic anyway? The answer: we all do. We as consumers use trademarks constantly, trademarks are big bucks for businesses, and trademarks are critical to our economy. In the latest rankings of Forbes, Apple is the worlds most valuable brand, achieving a valuation of about $205 billion. Thats billion with a “B. Hopefully, we now have your attention! This presentation is divided into three sections. First, we will summarize the five recent U.S. Supreme Court cases (Tempnology, Brunetti, NantKwest, Romag, and Booking.com) and provide take-away, practical points from each case. (By the way, the very fact that the Supreme Court has heard five trademark cases in the last year indicates the importance of trademarks to our economy.) Then we will summarize the newsworthy cases from other tribunals, broken into six categories of subject matter. Finally, if there are no questions, and if time permits, we will highlight some non-case law updates. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and foreign updates comprise this last section.

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