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Jury Selection: How Social Media Is Changing The Game

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This talk will help to give practical ideas for simplifying the social and background process and incorporating the findings in a meaningful and quick manner. Learn how to make the most of your time and technology when conducting social media and background checks on jurors. We often get asked how clients can conduct social media and background checks and then use that information in a meaningful manner, within such a limited time frame, while simultaneously conducting voir dire and recording juror responses, that is a lot to do and a lot of information to process. Information can get lost and missed. 

There can be confusion about how to use social media and background information. What does it mean? How does it inform the decision regarding who to strike? How might it even be used for a cause challenge? Learn how to best use technology and staff (including remote staff) to conduct, interpret, and report social media and background findings in a concise manner. 

Learn how to identify important and meaningful social media information in advance of the jury selection so staff and/other reviewers know what they should be looking for; how to make important information stand out to you; and how to interpret and analyze the social media and background information as they locate that information. This talk serves to make the process feel less overwhelming.

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