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HSTPA: NYs New Housing Laws and COVID-19 Related Matters

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The lecture is prefaced by an historical summary of NYC's rent-regulation laws, which date back to before the end of World War II. Additionally, the two types of rent-regulation consisting of: 1. rent control; and 2. rent stabilization, are discussed, in detail, including how apartments become subject to stabilization, the rights of rent-regulated tenants, the prevailing statutory oversight on the rent-regulated housing stock, and an in-depth explanation on deregulation. Thereafter, the lecture segues into the Housing Stability & Housing Protection Act of 2019, recently enacted on June 14, 2019, and discusses the radical changes to the prior rent-regulations laws. Lastly, the present COVID-19 pandemic is covered, and, in particular, how it impacts residential housing, privacy and confidentiality considerations, as well as the drafting of COVID-19 protocols for residential buildings and emergency applications to restrain rogue residents who violate their COVID-19 building protocols.

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