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Effective Mediation Part 3 - Overcoming Unrecognized Emotions in Mediating Commercial Disputes

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Emotions are not relegated to personally identifiable disputes, such as employment, personal injury or matrimonial. Oftentimes, the parties to a commercial dispute are harboring unrecognized emotions arising from the dynamics of the events leading up to the dispute, the interactions between the parties as well as the impact of the subject matter of the dispute at hand. Failing to identify and recognize these emotions impedes the ability of the parties to address them in a way that allows the parties to focus on the overarching business dispute. By recognizing and addressing emotions, the parties can move towards a more level playing field of negotiation and adequately address the dispute between them. As long as these emotions remain unnamed and unmanaged, getting to "yes" or some form of resolution may be impossible. This program will explore the means to identify and recognize emotions in commercial disputes, and provide tools to foster the sharing of those emotions in a productive manner to allow the parties to adequately negotiate and focus on the business terms. This program aims to help advocates have a deeper understanding of the emotion that all parties, including business representatives such as executives and senior leadership have and provide tools to manage and address such emotion in a productive manner to set the right tone and foundation for success.

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