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Corporate Governance and Board Interaction

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Executives and the board of directors frequently look to the in-house counsel for advice to keep them (and the business) out of trouble. As such, the counsel role has become more and more entrenched in the corporate decision-making process and counsel need to understand how to work with the board effectively, balancing their legal and business obligations to the company. Counsels work with the board is defined by a number of key issues to ensure a sound relationship. Who is the client, the board or the company? How should counsel interact with the board and other executives on a regular basis, and does that change for a board meeting? Are there certain policies and procedures that should be put in place to make sure the role of counsel is understood and respected? Please join Daniel A. Cotter as he discusses the important relationship between the corporate board and in-house counsel and provides strategies to ensure a successful partnership. Dan will also cover important issues of corporate governance and the lawyers role in helping to ensure the organization has strong policies and procedures in place to ensure the company avoids potential pitfalls.

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