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Avoiding Contested Adoptions & Limiting Attorney Liability

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Join adoption attorney Colleen Quinn as she discusses avoiding contested adoptions and limiting attorney and agency liability. 

Ms. Quinn focuses on protecting client’s hearts and pocketbooks, and limiting both attorney and agency liability and exposure to possible legal malpractice claims. Colleen reviews the primary ways in which adoptions may become contested which include: lack of due diligence, insufficient information obtained or sought, false information provided, incarcerated birth parent, mentally ill/drug-alcohol addicted birth parent, Indian tribe intervention under ICWA or birth parent able to claim ICWA protection, grandparent intervention cases, legal malpractice in failing to strictly adhere to statutory requirements, birth parent in active military, and breach of fiduciary duties. 

She also discusses the associated practical considerations including financial and emotional cost to the parties, stress, risk, sufficiency of resources, negative publicity, and implications for the child. It is absolutely essential that anyone venturing into adoption law understand that the legal security of a child can be impacted by the failure to adhere to all necessary procedures. Colleen makes that abundantly clear in this presentation.

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