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Addressing Pay Inequity: Are New York Employers Really Prepared to Defend their Pay Practices?

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The New York Achieve Pay Equity Act has been in full swing for years, mandating equal pay among all employees who perform “substantially similar work” and covers all protected classifications (gender, race, ethnicity, etc.), not just sex. The act includes a salary history ban that prohibits employers from asking applicants or current employees for their wage or salary history. And in the near future NYC is slated to have a salary posting requirement. Employment attorney Kathleen McLeod Caminiti, co-chair of Fisher Phillips’ Pay Equity practice, will provide an in-depth review of significant aspects of New York’s pay equity law and why now is an ideal time to evaluate your pay practices and correct any disparities to minimize potential risk for litigation. 

The webinar is designed to bring clarity to the question of whether or not New York employers are truly prepared to defend their pay practices.

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