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2022 in Review – Law Enforcement Liability under § 1983

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2022, another important year for § 1983 practitioners. This program will keep you current. Supreme Court update: Malicious Prosecution after Thompson v. Clark; Miranda warnings after Vega v. Tekoh; limits on Bivens actions in Egbert v. Boule; and two per curiam qualified immunity decisions. Then mastering non-deadly and deadly force, with discussion of the fight or flight response, de-escalation, failure to intervene, choke holds following George Floyd, and what is a seizure after Torres v. Madrid? The use of no-knock warrants after Breonna Taylor. Plus, the evidentiary use of police standards and model policies. All this and links to resources to use in your practice.

Reference - Police Misconduct: A Practitioner’s Guide to Section 1983 (JURIS 2018), available at a discount to attendees of this program at:


What this webinar will cover: 

  • Supreme Court cases from the 2021-22 term that decided what is a favorable determination for malicious prosecution, ruled that the failure to give Miranda warnings is not actionable under § 1983, declined to extend Bivens to an action against a border patrol agent, and denied qualified immunity in “obvious” cases.
  • Guidelines for use of non-deadly force against actively resisting, fighting subjects and use of force during demonstrations.
  • Use of deadly force against subjects with firearms and EDPs with knives, chokeholds and positional asphyxia, rules on shooting at vehicles, and the debate over vehicular and foot pursuits.
  • Restrictions on no-knock warrants after Breonna Taylor.
  • Evidentiary use of police general orders, model policies, and best practices on the “objective reasonableness” standard. Should they be part of the qualified immunity entitlement?
  • Mastering damages, especially in death cases
  • All this, plus, links to resources for the practitioner.

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  • Texas Self Study

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  • Complex Litigation
  • Criminal Law & Procedure
  • Federal Courts
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  • Negligence, Malpractice & Personal Injury
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  • Areas of Professional Practice : 2 Credit