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Suzanne B.  Goldberg, Esq.

Professor Suzanne B. Goldberg directs the Columbia Law School Sexuality and Gender Law Clinic and teaches civil procedure at Columbia Law School. She has written extensively on procedural and substantive barriers to equality, including award-winning articles on equal protection review and morals-based justifications for lawmaking. Prior to joining the Columbia faculty, Professor Goldberg was a member of the Rutgers-Newark Law School faculty, where she taught and also directed the Women™s Rights Litigation Clinic at Rutgers-Newark Law School. Throughout the 1990s, Professor Goldberg was a leading lawyer with Lambda Legal, where served as counsel in many cases, including two that eventually became cornerstone gay rights victories before the US Supreme Court “ Lawrence v. Texas, which invalidated Texas™s sodomy law, and Romer v. Evans, which struck down an anti-gay Colorado constitutional amendment.

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