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Nelson  Timken, Esq.

Nelson Timken practiced in the private sector for six years, from 1988-1994 as a litigation associate. From 1994, when he left the private sector, Nelson worked for the New York State Unified Court System, serving as Court Attorney to judges in the New York Court system. He resolved thousands of cases, and researched and drafted decisions for dispositive motions involving commercial contract, real estate, business litigation, personal injury, medical malpractice, credit agreement, and foreclosure matters in IAS and Commercial Division parts. 

Over the last three years, Nelson trained and apprenticed as a mediator and as an arbitrator in community, commercial, and business matters, and matrimonial, wage and employment matters. He belongs to the AAA commercial mediation panel and arbitrates attorney-client fee disputes between clients and attorneys in New York County. He serves as Vice-Chair the New York County Lawyers Association ADR Committee. 

Nelson's mediation style is that he is primarily a facilitative mediator; that is, he uses techniques to help the parties to find effective ways to communicate and hear each other, to separate emotions from financial decisions, to make informed and fair settlement decisions in light of the law, and to understand their interests in order to identify options that may work to resolve their dispute. Contact Nelson at nelson@ResolveOurDispute.com.

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