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Lynn  Garson, Esq.

Lynn Garson brings a client-focused, business-oriented approach to her practice. She is diligent in facilitating a range of transactions and contracts for healthcare organizations, and she prioritizes their strategic goals. 

Lynn has extensive experience with physician practice acquisitions, employment and related agreements. 

In addition, Lynn is a mental health advocate and author. In July 2012, she published Southern Vapors, a memoir describing her journey from major clinical depression to recovery, and she has since spoken widely, including for a TEDx Emory talk: “Reforming the Approach to Mental Health in the U.S.” and made numerous presentations to private and public organizations. On December 8, 2013, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution published an article on her experience and mental health advocacy in a “Personal Journeys” segment, described by the paper as a feature that "spotlights the lives of extraordinary individuals and the stories that define our region and connect our community."

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