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Louis L.  Campbell, Esq.

Louis Campbell’s engineering and communication skills place his clients in their best position to win, which has been proven time and again in successful outcomes at the ITC. For example, through a detailed cross-examination at trial, Louis was able to go through several dozen lines of source code of a prior art product and extract an admission from a hostile technical witness that the product lacked key functionality, which contradicted the defendant’s expert witness. This key admission helped to defend his client’s patent from a validity challenge. Notably, extracting this admission would have been impossible without being able to read and understand the source code as well as explain it to non-engineers.

Louis has also litigated in all the other major patent litigation venues including the Eastern District of Texas, Northern District of California, District of Delaware, and Federal Circuit. He has experience with all phases of litigation from pre-filing investigation through PTAB IPR proceedings, Markman hearings, trial, and appeal. He has experience with a wide variety of technologies including mobile applications, check processing, interactive program guides, smartphones, distributed computing, networking, wireless communication standards such as LTE, CDMA, WCDMA, 802.11, and 802.3, video games, graphics, S3TC and PVRTC texture compression, x86 and ARM processor instruction sets, CPU and GPU architecture, wafer fabrication, cryptography, industrial control systems, supply chain management, and automobile wiper blades.

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