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What Organizations Can Do to Overcome Gender Bias and Obtain a Critical Mass of Women Leaders

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Andie Kramer, a partner in an international law firm and Alton B. Harris, a founding partner of a successful Chicago law firm, discuss the stereotypes and biases that so often prevent women from advancing in their legal careers as far and as fast as men. Then, based on the Seven Step Process set out in their new book, Its Not You, Its the Workplace, Andie and Al provide organizations with practical, effective techniques and actionable steps they can use to overcome or eliminate the discriminatory conquests of these largely subtle and unconscious biases. The program includes a discussion of the ABAs Model Rule 8.4(g), various ABA Resolutions, and the Seven Step Program set out in Its Not You, Its the Workplace. I. Understand the pervasive nature of gender stereotypes with respect to women, men, families, work, and leadership II. Recognize how these gender stereotypes result in discriminatory biases that operate to hold women back in their legal careers III. Learn practical strategies and effective techniques to avoid or overcome gender bias and achieve gender equality in the legal profession IV. Develop organizational policies that advance these objectives Harris and Kramer provide advice and techniques that women lawyers can use to avoid or overcome gender bias, including a discussion of the relevance of ABAs Model Rule 8.4(g) and various ABA Resolutions.

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