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Hostile Territory: Drafting and Enforcing Employee Noncompetes and Nonsolicits in a Changing Legal Landscape

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A growing trend of hostility towards employee noncompetition and nonsolicitation agreements has been mounting over the last several years. A number of states have recently issued laws limiting the enforceability of noncompetes, and other states have proposed legislation aimed at banning employee noncompete agreements altogether. State attorney generals have actively been pursuing actions against companies that use blanket noncompetes for their entire workforce. Courts have also been less willing to enforce employee noncompete and nonsolicit agreements unless they are narrowly drafted. Join us as we explore this hostile trend and provide practical guidance on how to spot problems when drafting and enforcing employee noncompete and nonsolicit agreements. The presentation will explore: The mounting hostility towards noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements; Practical strategies for drafting noncompetition and nonsolicit agreements, including for companies operating in multiple jurisdictions; and Proactive steps for suspected breaches of restrictive covenants.

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