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COVID-19: Contract Defaults and Insurance for Lost Income

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The coronavirus has caused contract disputes in ways that we cannot fully imagine. Parties will call their attorneys asking if they can send default letters or if they have defenses for missing contractual deadlines. Terms such as "force majeure," "acts of God," "impossibility of performance," and "Oh my gosh, the contract is silent on this," will become staples of our legal diet. Calls asking, "Does this fall under my business interruption insurance?" have become common. Unfortunately, there is no one answer to all of these questions because the nature of the contract disputes vary widely depending on the industry, facts, locations and laws involved in the particular dispute. This presentation will provide general guidance and focuses on federal common law, New York law, Delaware law and Texas law.

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  • California
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  • Administrative Law & Regulations
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  • Complex Resolution Strategy
  • Contracts
  • Covid-19
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  • Insurance Law
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