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The ePrivacy Directive and Regulation: Where do we stand (09/16/2019)

Program Number: 29148 Presenter: Julie O'Neill, Esq., Alex van der Wolk, Esq.

The updated ePrivacy Regulation was supposed to take effect simultaneously with the General Data Protection Regulation and while we have now marked the one year anniversary of the GDPR, the ePrivacy Regulation is still far from being finalized. At the same time, regulators are not waiting for ePrivacy when it comes to cookies enforcement. What is the interplay between cookies, consent and the GDPR? Are cookie walls still accepted? Does implicit consent still constitute valid cookie consent? How does GDPR apply to other online technologies such as device fingerprinting and behavioral advertising. Join us as we examine the impact of the GDPR on the use of cookies and similar technologies, even in the absence of an updated ePrivacy Regulation.

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Hemp-CBD: Enabling Growth by Managing Legal Risks (09/25/2019)

Program Number: 29147 Presenter: Sarah A. K. Blitz, Esq., Allison Fulton, Esq.

Hemp-CBD infused products have taken the consumer market by storm, but their legality is not a foregone conclusion after the 2018 Farm Bill and operating in the Hemp-CBD space presents a variety of risks. This webinar will cover the 2018 Farm Bill, FDA regulation of hemp and Hemp-CBD after the 2018 Farm Bill, California’s regulation of Hemp-CBD, and product liability risks for manufacturers, distributors and retailers of CBD products. We’ll wrap up our conversation by providing some tips on how to manage risk in this complicated space, including distribution of Hemp-CBD products across state lines.

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Substance Abuse, Chronic Stress, Trauma, Mental Health and Addiction (12/11/2019)

Program Number: 29146 Presenter: Joan Bibelhausen, JD

Lawyers face stress daily and are subject to particular circumstances which can lead to higher levels of stress than for most other members of the population. There is a clearly recognized continuum where unresolved chronic stress becomes a predictor for addiction and mental illness, particularly depression, which are also more prevalent among lawyers. By understanding this continuum and the facts about addiction and mental illness, lawyers can reduce their risk and, hopefully, get help earlier when there is a mental health or addiction/dependency problem. Signs, symptoms, risk factors and recovery regarding these problems will be presented.

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Legal Liability Management on the College Campus, in the Workplace and Beyond (09/10/2019)

Program Number: 29145 Presenter: Carolyn Reinach Wolf, Esq.

This CLE program will cover the issue of the legal liability of the college/university or workplace for a student or employee suicide including an analysis of the “special relationship” requirement through the use of case studies and recent case law. We will examine a recent wrongful death case, where the highest Court in the State of Massachusetts held that MIT was not liable for the student’s suicide, but suggested that there are limited circumstances in which universities could bear some responsibility for protecting their students. We will also discuss caselaw relevant to suicide in the workplace. As suicide rates are rising it is more important than ever to ensure that the college campus, workplace and its members are aware of their role and responsibilities when it comes to suicide. We will explore the role of Behavioral Intervention Teams in both settings and review relevant legislation (Affordable Care Act,

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On the Horizon for Government Contractors: Specialized Labor and Employment Issues and Practical Advice (10/16/2019)

Program Number: 29144 Presenter: Jason E. Burritt, Esq., Bryan M. O'Keefe, Esq., Alexander J. Passantino, Esq., Leon Rodriguez, Esq.

We invite you to join Seyfarth Shaw’s Washington, D.C. Labor and Employment team for a special program for government contractors on hot issues in labor and employment in 2019 and beyond. This program will analyze the challenges that government contractors face as they relate to I-9/E-Verify, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Nondisplacement of Qualified Workers Under Service Contracts rule, and successorship case law under the National Labor Relations Act. This program will address the following topics: • I-9/E-Verify for Federal Contractors: Old Issues and New Challenges • Overview of Immigration Compliance Topics • Common Failures in Employment Verification • The E-Verify FAR Clause • Anti-Discrimination Requirement • Labor and Employment Successorship Considerations for Contractors • Advanced Issues under the Service Contract Act’s Nondisplacement of Qualified Workers Rule • Addressing the Paid Sick Leave and Nondisplacement Executive Orders • New Successorship Case Law Under the National Labor Relations Act for State and Local Displaced

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CERCLA Arranger Liability: Latest Decisions and Mitigating Risks (09/23/2019)

Program Number: 29142 Presenter: Allison Gabala, Esq., Richard Ricci, Esq.

Several years after the landmark decision in Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Co. v. United States, 556 U.S. 599 (2009), federal courts continue to struggle to clarify the circumstances in which a person is liable as an “arranger” under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) for arranging for the disposal of hazardous substances. Over the past few years, multiple federal decisions have resulted in case law which both clarifies and confuses what it means to be an arranger. This CLE will discuss recent precedent-setting cases and their potential ramifications on the interpretation of arranger liability. In addition to updating counsel on the latest developments in CERCLA arranger liability, we will explore the implications of the shifting scope of arranger liability on clients across multiple industries and possible strategies for mitigating risk of liability.

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Dress to Impress: How to Protect Your Trademark in the Fashion Industry (12/03/2019)

Program Number: 29141 Presenter: Sharon Urias, Esq.

This seminar will address intellectual property issues affecting designers, manufacturers and others in the fashion industry. The seminar will focus on branding, what is trademarkable, selecting a strong trademark and how to protect one’s mark, including registration and “best practices.” The seminar will also address licensing issues, as well as the differences between trademarks, copyrights, patents (design and utility) and trade secrets.

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The Reptile Brain Strategy: Why Lawyers Use It and How to Counter It (10/09/2019)

Program Number: 29140 Presenter: Christina Marinakis, J.D., Psy. D

This presentation will include an overview of the Reptile Theory and provide concrete examples for how the strategy is frequently implemented by plaintiffs’ counsel in personal injury matters, as well as its recent extension to the employment sector. Jury expert, Dr. Christina Marinakis, will share the results of a national survey of mock jury participants designed to test the foundations of the Reptile theory, which has implications for jury selection strategies. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of techniques for countering the Reptile strategy in deposition, voir dire, and throughout trial.

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New Clarity on “Clear Evidence” – Adjudication of Implied Preemption Defenses in Prescription Drug Product Liability Cases (09/20/2019)

Program Number: 29139 Presenter: Alan Lazarus, Esq., Kaitlyn Stone, Esq.

In Merck Sharp & Dohme, Inc. v. Albrecht, 2019 WL 2166393 (U.S. May 20, 2019), the Supreme Court answered two significant questions governing the litigation of the implied federal preemption defense in prescription drug product liability cases: (1) procedurally, the ultimate determination of whether a claim is preempted is to be answered by the court, not the jury, and (2) substantively, the question the court must ultimately decide is simply “whether the relevant federal and state laws ‘irreconcilably conflict.’” Of course, the question is not that simple. This program will put the case and its significance in context by exploring the background of the decision, explore and explain what it means for litigants in drug cases where preemption is raised as a defense, and discuss some of the important questions that linger after the long-awaited decision.

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High Times at FDA: The Federal and State Regulation of Cannabis (09/11/2019)

Program Number: 29138 Presenter: Mark Mansour, Esq.

The regulation of cannabis is one of the most controversial issues facing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the states. FDA held a public meeting on May 31, 2019, and the result was inconclusive regarding next steps. This webinar will discuss the results of the webinar, prospects for federal legislation, developments in state legislation, and prospects for the coming years. We will also address questions such as whether the train has left the station regarding the marketing and sale of CBD, as well as what is next for THC. In addition, we will talk about the prospects for congressional action regarding marijuana. We hope you’ll join us for this discussion of a highly topical issue that is only going to receive more attention in the coming years.

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