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Legal Sports Betting and the Integrity of Athletic Competition (09/04/2019)

Program Number: 29158 Presenter: Jodi S. Balsam, Esq.

The program will explore the post-Murphy world of legalized sports gambling in the U.S. in terms of what states who have authorized sports betting are doing – or not doing – to protect the integrity of the underlying athletic competitions. The program will also examine the official gambling policies of U.S. sports governing bodies, including the major professional leagues, individual sports associations, and the NCAA, and the need for private investment in integrity monitoring, and education and training of sports participants about gambling-related integrity risks. Notably, the European experience with legal sports gambling and match-fixing scandals has revealed the value of both public criminal laws that specifically target game manipulation and private anti-corruption initiatives that prioritize game integrity. **Learning Objectives: Attorneys will - Understand the evolving statutory landscape as American states have legalized sports gambling (eight to date, and six more about to launch), and to what extent these new

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Regulating Beverage Alcohol-Past Practices and Current Perceptions (09/12/2019)

Program Number: 29157 Presenter: Bradley Berkman, Esq., Louis J. Terminello, Esq.

The presentation will provide a brief history of the 21st Amendment focusing on the development of the roles and functions of the federal and state(s) governments in regulating beverage alcohol. Attention will be given to the broad authority granted to the states in implementing laws that control the transport, sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages within their borders. The topic of discussion will segue into the interplay of the Commerce Clause and the 21st Amendment, particularly section 2, and the current limitations placed on state authority as highlighted by the Supreme Court cases of Granholm (2005) and Blair (2019). The learning objectives include: *Understanding the role of the 21st Amendment and its impact on alcohol beverage regulation. *The role and authority the United States government maintains in the regulation of beverage alcohol. *The role and authority that state(s) governments maintain in the regulation of beverage alcohol and provide an overview, (conceptually),

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Wrongful Death Before Birth (09/17/2019)

Program Number: 29156 Presenter: Erika Amarante, Esq., Laura Ann Froning, Esq.

This presentation will review the circumstances under which an unborn fetus might assert a claim for wrongful death due to medical negligence. Not surprisingly, whether and when a fetus can legally assert a wrongful death claim differs dramatically in different states. The presentation will discuss the varying thresholds for recognizing such a claim, the legal consequences of such thresholds, and how attorneys who defend these lawsuits might approach a claim for wrongful death before birth.

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Business Standing Under Little FTC Acts: CAVEAT VENDITOR! (10/24/2019)

Program Number: 29155 Presenter: Amanda Brahm, Esq., John Doroghazi, Esq., Robert M. Langer, Esq.

In many states with “Little FTC Acts,” not only consumers, but business entities as well, have standing to sue. Because of both the substantive standards and the enhanced remedies available under Little FTC Act, the proliferation of suits by businesses against other businesses creates significant opportunities for plaintiffs and profound risks for defendants. This program will explore key developments in this growing area of the law.

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Don't Freeze Up: Know What to Do When ICE Comes Knocking (08/06/2019)

Program Number: 29154 Presenter: Alka Bahal, Esq., Ali Brodie, Esq.

Join Fox Rothschild partners Alka Bahal and Ali Brodie, co-chairs of the Immigration Practice for an overview of ICE worksite enforcement activities, I-9 Notice of Inspection and Social Security No-Match Letters. This program will provide employers with recommendations for handling I-9 audits and raids initiated by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and proactively preparing for possible enforcement actions to avoid penalties and prosecution. While the uptick of deportations has made headlines, the ICE I-9 inspections have received less media attention despite similar dramatic increases. Also covered is how to navigate and react to a “No-Match Letter,” which identifies an inconsistency between SSA records and the employee name and Social Security Number submitted on wage and tax statements. Q&A to follow the presentation.

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Ethical Considerations when Negotiating Plea Agreements (09/13/2019)

Program Number: 29153 Presenter: Lisa Mantella, Esq.

Ethics in plea negotiations require a balance of a lawyer’s responsibility to advocate zealously with obligations of honesty and candor. Similarly, the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility has recently weighed in on a prosecutor’s obligations under the Model Rules of Professional Conduct to balance ethical obligations towards the accused with the pursuit of justice. This program will examine the ethical responsibilities of defense attorneys and prosecutors when negotiating plea agreements under the Model Rules of Professional Conduct including: • Model Rule 1.1 concerning competent representation; • Model Rule 1.3 requiring diligence representation; • Model Rule 3.8 relating to the special responsibilities of a prosecutor; • Model Rule 4.1 requiring truthfulness in statements to others; • Mode Rule 4.3 dealing with interaction with unrepresented persons; and • Model Rule 8.4 related to maintaining the integrity of the profession.

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Owning Your Career (11/11/2019)

Program Number: 29152 Presenter: Susan Smith Blakely, Esq.

All young lawyers need to take charge of their careers. That is especially true of young women lawyers, who face unique challenges due to the work-life pressures centered around caregiving roles. Owning Your Career focuses on the careers of young women lawyers and addresses subjects like: Grim Statistics About Women Lawyers; Myths about Women in the Law; Having a Career Plan and Keeping It Current; Managing Your Career with Reasonable and Realistic Expectations; The Importance of Personal Definitions of Success; Becoming Your Own Best Advocate; The Dangers of Gender Stereotyping; and The Critical Do’s and Don’ts for young women lawyers.

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The Nuts and Bolts of Domain Names and How They Interplay with Trademarks (12/12/2019)

Program Number: 29151 Presenter: David Postolski, Esq.

Very often individuals and companies believe that securing the domain name means they secured the trademark registration. In reality that is not the case. A registered trademark may be the exact ticket you need to secure the matching domain name and not vice versa. Enter illegal cybersquatters and companies that hold domain names hostage for brand owners that desperately need the domain name to increase their digital marketing space. There are unique and legal procedures in place that one must follow that can result in brand owners obtaining the domain name they desperately want or need that may already be taken. This presentation will explore the nuts and bolts of the Domain Name Process and its important interplay and interaction with the trademark processes around the globe.

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Covering Your Assets: Identifying and Protecting Your Business’ Intellectual Property (11/07/2019)

Program Number: 29150 Presenter: Jill Sarnoff Riola, Esq.

This program is an overview of the various types of intellectual property businesses may own, including confidential information and trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, patents, domain names, how to recognize them, protect them, and enforce them.

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Trademarks and Bankruptcy: A Conundrum (09/18/2019)

Program Number: 29149 Presenter: David Gay, Esq., Jill Sarnoff Riola, Esq.

What happens to the trademark licensee when the licensor goes bankrupt? In general, a bankrupt party to an ongoing executory agreement can “reject” the agreement and walk away from its obligations. But trademark license agreements are unique because they require the continuous exercise of quality control by the licensor to remain valid. If the licensor rejects the trademark license, quality control ceases. The Supreme Court, in Mission Product Holdings, Inc. v. Tempnology, LLC NKA Old Cold, LLC, 587 U.S. ____ (2019), recently addressed the issue. Our presenters will discuss the Mission Product Holdings case, how it will potentially impact trademark licenses going forward, and suggested strategies for mitigating risk.

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