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Top Tips to Excel as In-House Counsel (09/25/2020)

Program Number: 30225 Presenter: Dr. Sharon Meit Abrahams, Elizabeth Jin, Esq.

Making the transition from law firm to in-house counsel? Already in-house and want to be viewed as a trusted business advisor? This CLE is for you! In this energetic and informative session, we'll discuss the fundamental differences between law firm practice and in-house counseling. More importantly, we'll share actionable steps that you can take today to start building the trust of your clients and adding value to your organization.

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Effective Mediation Part 4 - Ten Things Every Advocate Must Consider Before the Mediation Starts (09/14/2020)

Program Number: 3022 Presenter: Leslie Berkoff, Esq., Elizabeth Shampnoi

To ensure a successful mediation experience for your client, it is important to spend the time and effort to fully and adequately prepare in advance. Proper preparation includes spending time with your client reviewing the facts and legal issues, including your claims, defenses strengths and weaknesses, as well as those anticipated by the other side. Analyzing the motivations and impediments to a negotiated resolution, and, analyzing your risks through “ BATNA” - Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement, will allow you and your client to properly evaluate and respond to offers made during the mediation. Further, ensuring that the right individuals will participate in the mediation, or be readily available for questions, is critical. Finally, to the extent that you need to consider tax implications of any settlement, this should be done in advance. *This program will explore the top ten items each advocate should consider and address prior to the

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Courting Public Opinion: Legal and Practical Challenges In Navigating High-Profile Cases (09/29/2020)

Program Number: 30211 Presenter: Evan T. Barr, Esq., Lisa Green, Esq.

Looking through the lens of recent high-profile prosecutions, this program will examine the legal and ethical guardrails that govern interactions between lawyers and the media on behalf of the state or clients. The program will explore applicable ethical and DOJ standards (and discuss what happens when prosecutors skate close to, or arguably over, the line); remedies defense lawyers can seek when press coverage threatens a fair trial; the role of social media; and the pros and cons of press contact.

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Courageous Conversations about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Strategies to Increase Effectiveness (08/13/2020)

Program Number: 30197 Presenter: Tiffani G. Lee, Esq., Dianne R. Phillips, Esq.

As this nation continues to deal with issues of race and racism associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent police killings of Black people, there is a greater need for lawyers, law firms, and corporate legal departments to engage in more open, transparent, and candid conversations to increase our understanding of the issues and lay the groundwork for solutions. Lawyers at all levels and in all capacities are being brought into conversations about race and racism specifically as well as other topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. But such workplace conversations – courageous conversations - can be challenging for some and downright scary for others. In this live audio webcast, Tiffani Lee and Dianne Phillips, partners at Holland & Knight LLP who have led its diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts for many years, will discuss the importance of having courageous conversations now, some of the challenges or obstacles to courageous

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Legal Writing: Lessons from Science and Rhetoric (07/15/2020)

Program Number: 30138 Presenter: Judge Robert E. Bacharach

In this program, Judge Bacharach will illustrate principles from his recently published book, Legal Writing—A Judge’s Perspective on the Science and Rhetoric of the Written Word (ABA Press). https://www.americanbar.org/products/inv/book/398866415/ Judge Bacharach will show how to clarify the meaning in briefs and to increase the chances that the judge will understand and remember your key points. Judge Bacharach will illustrate these principles with examples from accomplished advocates, judges, and orators such as Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Essential Ethics for Lockdown Lawyers (05/08/2020)

Program Number: 30132 Presenter: Devika Kewalramani, Esq.

The COVID-19 crisis has drastically disrupted the legal landscape. In-house lawyers, outside counsel and law firms are quickly adapting to working remotely on an extended basis, often using unfamiliar practice tools while seeking to effectively serve their clients and sustain their practices. In this unchartered law practice terrain, with daily life and work routines interrupted, deals and litigations on hold, and clients and prospects raising unique issues and novel concerns, are lawyers and law firms keeping up with their ethical obligations? The presenter will spot the key ethical risks, highlight the relevant rules of professional conduct and bar association guidance, focus on lawyer incapacity, protecting client property, the duties of supervision, competence, communication and confidentiality, and suggest practical solutions to avoid ethical violations in these tumultuous times.

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How and Why to use Mediation to Settle Intellectual Property Disputes (05/08/2020)

Program Number: 30122 Presenter: Manny D. Pokotilow, Esq.

This audiocast will show how intellectual property disputes can be settled by using mediation, how to get an intellectual property dispute to mediation and when to start moving a dispute to mediation. Why intellectual property disputes, even the most intractable are aided by early mediation by the parties. The advantages of mediation in IP disputes will be listed including the benefits of mediation that cannot be obtained by trial. The program will show you how to choose a mediator most likely to settle the dispute and the type of mediation process that is most productive to aid settling a case.

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COVID-19 and a Troubled Economy: How to Maintain Lawyer Wellness (04/28/2020)

Program Number: 30116 Presenter: Sharon D. Nelson, Esq., John W. Simek

No one dreamt of a simultaneous pandemic and a depressed economy. In a matter of weeks, the legal world was upended as law firms sent their lawyers home to work remotely and scrambled to find new solutions to practice law in “the new normal.” As has been said many times, “to be a good lawyer, you have to be a healthy lawyer.” COVID-19 and the troubled economy have created enormous pressure on lawyers and law firms.The effects of “the new normal” varies from lawyer to lawyer, but some report increased alcohol usage, sleeping less, feeling anxious/stressed all the time, having headaches, gaining weight as they stay at home, obsessively watching the news or being distracted by everything at home to the point where they can’t focus on their law practice, worrying over whether they will have enough money to retire - or ever being able to retire,

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Coaching Underperforming Partners into Productive Partners (05/13/2020)

Program Number: 30108 Presenter: Dr. Sharon Meit Abrahams, Denise Lehr, Esq.

All firms have it. Leadership hopes it will fix itself, but it won’t. Dealing with underperforming partners is one of those topics that make managing partners and firm leaders cringe. No one wants to have “the talk” with the underperformer. To be an effective leader and to move your firm forward you have to address this situation no matter how uncomfortable it makes you. At the end of the session the audience will be able to: • Understand why underperformance happens • Identify the reasons for the underperformance of a partner • create a framework to improve the individual’s practice

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The Art of Effective Negotiating (01/24/2020)

Program Number: 3006 Presenter: Frank Carone, Esq.

The program will focus on how attorneys can assess situations in order to reach client objectives by adjusting the approach to problem solving, whether in litigation or transactions. Attorneys will learn how to recognize and address the counterparties’ goals and objectives in order to facilitate a successful outcome for their own client. Attendees will be shown how to sharpen their skills in the art of persuasion while also building trust and credibility within the construct of the advocate/adversary relationship. More than the mere retention of pointers and tips for improving negotiating skills, the permanent benefit of participating in the webcast will be an enduring understanding of how to assess people and situations in a sometimes unfamiliar, uncomfortable or unfriendly environment.

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