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Programs in Trial Skills

Programs are available online to all firms wishing to assist their attorneys in obtaining their CLE credits. Please email customer.care@celesq.com to obtain a coupon code for your firm. Once an attorney has completed a program, your firm will be billed $30 each for the cost of each certificate which will be issued as a download once the attorney has completed the affirmation for the particular program. CDs will be available for all programs upon request. Please email customer.care@celesq.com to purchase CDs for any course. Cost will be $95.00 per CD, plus shipping and handling.

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Untangling Fear in Lawyering

Program Number: 2963 Presenter: Heidi K. Brown

For many law students and lawyers, studying and practicing law can be scary. We rarely talk about fear in law school or legal training. Instead, well-meaning mentors advise, “Just do it…fake it till you make it…if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.” Yet, scientists confirm that fear blocks learning and performance. It can stoke anxiety and depression in a profession already saturated with mental health challenges. If we can turn down the dial of stress and anxiety even one notch for even one struggling individual in our profession by sparking a dialogue about the reality of fear in lawyering, let’s do it. This presentation discusses the reality, causes, manifestations, and consequences of fear in legal practice, and offers a four-step process for law students and lawyers to reframe fear into fortitude

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Becoming a Lawyer: Discovering and Defining Your Professional Persona

Program Number: 2958 Presenter: Raymond Dowd, Esq., Toni Jaeger-Fine, Esq.

Today’s legal marketplace demands professionals with a range of qualities in which many attorneys are deficient–not because they lack ability or talent but because of a lack of awareness of the importance of attitudes and behaviors that mark a successful professional. This lecture 1.describes the foundations for developing a strong professional persona; 2. provides specific ways for an attorney to discover and define a professional persona; and 3. gives a range of tools relating to self-management and working with others that will enhance professionalism, self-awareness, productivity, success and career satisfaction.

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Prenuptial Agreements 101: How to Create Enforceable Terms in Premarital Agreements

Program Number: 2957 Presenter: Bari Weinberger, Esq.

A prenuptial agreement is a legal document that enables a couple contemplating marriage to pre-decide how property and assets will be divided or treated in the event of divorce. The myth still persists that "prenups" are only for the mega wealthy, but this just isn't so! In the webinar geared for family law practitioners and attorneys in other practice areas. family law expert Bari Z. Weinberger explores the practical implications of prenuptial agreements for protecting and making decisions on a wide of issues, including ownership of small family businesses, assets earmarked for children from other marriages/relationships, retirement accounts, estate plans, alimony and even intellectual property, such as protecting one spouse's idea for a book or app. Participants in the webinar will come away with a thorough understanding of how to negotiate a an enforceable prenuptial agreement for their clients.

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Child Custody 101: Determining Custody and Parenting Time for Modern Families

Program Number: 2956 Presenter: Bari Weinberger, Esq.

For divorcing spouses with kids, custody decisions about their children are a top priority -- and a top source of conflict. Geared towards family law practitioners and other attorneys with clients going through divorce, family law expert Bari Z. Weinberger explores the many facets of child custody, including deciding where the children will live and how much time they spend with each parent; how certain legal decisions (i.e., medical, education and religious) will be made; parental rights; how to enforce and/or modify custody agreements, mediating child custody, and more. Ms. Weinberger will then examine common points of conflict in custody negations and identify strategies for avoiding custody battles. Participants will come away with a highly nuanced understanding of how to help divorcing parents put their children's best interests first.

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Divorce 101: The Divorce Legal Process Explained

Program Number: 2955 Presenter: Bari Weinberger, Esq.

Between 40-50 percent of married couples in U.S. will ultimately divorce. For the new family law practitioner, and for attorneys in other practice areas with clients going through divorce, family law expert Bari Z. Weinberger will take a deep dive into the divorce process to explore such key topics as: the importance of the divorce filing date; how choosing a no-fault ground for divorce such as "irreconcilable differences" can expedite the divorce process; the benefits of alternative settlement methods and how to guide clients towards understanding low conflict/out of court settlement methods; the basics of child custody and child support; the changing face of alimony; asset division, including retirement assets and high net worth complex asset division; and more. Participants will come away empowered with practical knowledge and tools to help create a safeguarded future for their clients

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Effective Trial Lawyers are Masters at Cross-Examination

Program Number: 2952 Presenter: Francisco (Frank) Ramos, Jr., Esq.

This presentation will teach you how to improve your cross-examination skills to secure the admissions to win your case at deposition and at trial.

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Securities Regulations Applied to Security Token Offerings

Program Number: 2950 Presenter: Marc Boiron, Esq.

Offerings merged in 2018 to give us security token offerings, the application of securities laws to security token offerings have created uncertainty for issuers. The confusion exists around the actual security being issued, how it can be issued and how it can be traded after being issued. Understanding the current state of security token infrastructure is key to understanding how companies issuing tokens will comply with securities laws. No new securities laws exist for security tokens but the boundaries of existing securities laws are being tested.

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The Business of Online Business: Session One - Domain Names and Domain Name Disputes

Program Number: 2941 Presenter: Shari Claire Lewis, Esq.

Every business with a website is an e-business and, as a result, face challenges that are unique to online commerce and twists on traditional ones. For example, the maxim “location, location, location” applies in the virtual world as much as in the physical realm. In this first session, we will discuss issues concerning Internet domain names – an e-business’s virtual name, address and introductory marketing statement. We will explore the explosive growth of top-level domains as potential new “neighborhoods” in the virtual world. We will also cover cybersquatting and reverse cybersquatting, which continue to impact domain name use, and the variety of venues where a claim may be heard. We will review recent criteria that courts and dispute resolution groups consider in assessing whether a domain name registration has an improper commercial purpose, as well as the various dispute resolution practices offered by the domain name registrars as potential alternatives

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DOL Issues New Guidance Rescinding the 20% Rule: What This Means for Managing Tipped Employees

Program Number: 2939 Presenter: Justin R. Barnes, Esq., Eric Magnus, Esq.

On November 8, 2018, the Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor (DOL) rescinded the so-called “20% Rule,” which purported to segregate the duties of tipped employees between allegedly tip-generating duties and related non-tipped duties (sometimes referred to as a “side work”), and thereby limit the availability of the tip credit. The rule has been replaced with prior DOL guidance issued in 2009. Speakers Eric Magnus and Justin Barnes will discuss the new guidance, implications of this change for the service industry, and offer advice on how employers can assign work to tipped employees without jeopardizing use of the tip credit.

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SEC Whistleblower Program: Where We Stand with Internal Investigations and Corporate Policies/ Procedures

Program Number: 2936 Presenter: Jennifer L. Berhorst, Esq. , Jennifer Kies Mammen, Esq.

In this program, of particular interest to in-house lawyers and litigators at public companies, our presenters will address developments under the SEC’s Dodd-Frank Whistleblower Program, including the Supreme Court’s 2018 decision favoring a narrow definition of “whistleblower” and proposed amendments to the whistleblower rules, and will offer practical tips in conducting internal investigations and reviewing company policies and procedures.

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