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The World Turned Upside Down: How the Pandemic Has Permanently Transformed the Legal Industry (12/02/2020)

Program Number: 30280 Presenter: Mike DeFrank, Esq.

The Corona virus has required virtually all businesses to re-think how they deliver services, and the legal industry is no exception. While a pandemic has to be the worst possible reason for any industry to evolve, the changes that the sector has embraced out of necessity will have long-term positive impacts on practitioners and their clients. Join Mike DeFrank as he explores what lawyers and legal consumers should expect in the “new normal”.

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Where Do I Begin? How to Review the Rules of Professional Conduct to Resolve Disputes (07/02/2020)

Program Number: 30184 Presenter: Daniel J. Siegel, Esq.

Every jurisdiction has adopted all or part of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct to define the ethical obligations of attorneys. But many attorneys don’t know what to do when they suddenly find themselves in an ethical dispute. This program provides an overview of the Model Rules and explains how attorneys can research disciplinary and ethical decisions in statutes, case law, and other sources.

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Bulletproofing Your Client for Deposition (07/10/2020)

Program Number: 30182 Presenter: Dr. Sharon Meit Abrahams, Francisco (Frank) Ramos, Jr., Esq.

Our panelists will discuss how to prepare your client for deposition to ensure she is prepared to answer any question and not make adverse admissions or statements that adversely affect her case. The panelists will provide a detailed overview from the first meeting with the client to the day of her deposition, providing a step by step guide on how to prepare her for every tough question.

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Supreme Court 2019-20 Term: Trademark Decisions (07/15/2020)

Program Number: 30167 Presenter: Anthony F. Lo Cicero, Esq.

This past term the Court decided cases involving issues preclusion in trademark cases (Lucky Brand Dungarees, Inc. v. Marcel Fashions Group), the protectability of trademarks incorporating the TLD “.com” (United States Patent and Trademark Office v. Booking.com B.V.) and the requirements for a finding of willfulness under 15 U.S.C. 1117 (Romag Fasteners, Inc. V. Fossil Group, Inc.). Please join Anthony Lo Cicero, Managing Partner of Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein for a discussion of the significance of these cases and how they will influence trademark litigation going forward.

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Legal Writing: Lessons from Science and Rhetoric (07/15/2020)

Program Number: 30138 Presenter: Judge Robert E. Bacharach

In this program, Judge Bacharach will illustrate principles from his recently published book, Legal Writing—A Judge’s Perspective on the Science and Rhetoric of the Written Word (ABA Press). https://www.americanbar.org/products/inv/book/398866415/ Judge Bacharach will show how to clarify the meaning in briefs and to increase the chances that the judge will understand and remember your key points. Judge Bacharach will illustrate these principles with examples from accomplished advocates, judges, and orators such as Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Protecting Confidential Information When Sheltering in Place – Strategies for Avoiding The Loss of Company Secrets (05/12/2020)

Program Number: 30137 Presenter: Christipher K. Larus, Esq., David A. Prange, Esq.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused dramatic shifts in the workplace. Companies have been forced to rapidly adjust their policies to enable employees to work from home, have quickly adopted new technologies to maintain business operations, and have seen unprecedented levels of employee mobility. Each of these changes have increased the risks of trade secret misappropriation and the loss of other valuable confidential information. The termination of shelter-in-place directives and reversion to the on-site workplace presents further risks to company confidential information now shared to facilitate distanced activities. This presentation will address these increased risks and discuss best practices for protecting trade secret and other confidential information as companies and their legal departments plan their return to on-site work.

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COVID-19 Scams: Crisis and Isolation Create an Opportunity for Exploitation - Be Aware and Be Secure (04/15/2020)

Program Number: 30113 Presenter: Shirley U. Emehelu, Esq., Michelle A. Schaap, Esq.

This program will cover the various types of scams that have arisen to exploit the confusion and isolation that accompany crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The speakers will offer concrete guidance on what to do next if one falls victim to such scams.

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Coaching Underperforming Partners into Productive Partners (05/13/2020)

Program Number: 30108 Presenter: Dr. Sharon Meit Abrahams, Denise Lehr, Esq.

All firms have it. Leadership hopes it will fix itself, but it won’t. Dealing with underperforming partners is one of those topics that make managing partners and firm leaders cringe. No one wants to have “the talk” with the underperformer. To be an effective leader and to move your firm forward you have to address this situation no matter how uncomfortable it makes you. At the end of the session the audience will be able to: • Understand why underperformance happens • Identify the reasons for the underperformance of a partner • create a framework to improve the individual’s practice

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COVID-19 Crisis Management Action Plan: Steps to Take Today (04/08/2020)

Program Number: 30101 Presenter: Samuel A. Blaustein, William F. Dahill, Esq., Raymond Dowd, Esq., Luke McGrath, Esq., Susan Rothwell, Esq., Robert N. Swetnick, Esq., Nicola Tegoni, Esq., Louis E. Teitel, Esq.

Join our panel of legal experts for a report on what businesses and individuals should be doing to protect themselves in a rapidly changing domestic and international environment. Employers and employees face a multitude of challenges calling for prompt action. Small businesses are fighting for survival. Landlords, tenants and construction contracts are in flux. Attorneys are also facing unprecedented issues in insurance, immigration, trusts and estates, and litigation. International business is facing daily disruption. Get a practical view of how to prioritize the legal issues COVID-19 has presented we are facing and get a view of what needs to be done. Questions may be submitted and answered live.

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Contracting & Compliance Considerations in Clinical Trials (10/23/2019)

Program Number: 29197 Presenter: Kyle Faget, Esq.

Join Kyle Faget as she discusses clinical trial contracting issues. This webinar will discuss allocation of responsibilities, funding mechanisms, key contacts, and negotiated provisions therein. Listen in to find out about sticky issues and how to handle them when negotiating MSAs with CROs, CTAs, ICFs, IISs, and collaboration agreements.

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