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Courting Public Opinion: Legal and Practical Challenges In Navigating High-Profile Cases (09/29/2020)

Program Number: 30211 Presenter: Evan T. Barr, Esq., Lisa Green, Esq.

Looking through the lens of recent high-profile prosecutions, this program will examine the legal and ethical guardrails that govern interactions between lawyers and the media on behalf of the state or clients. The program will explore applicable ethical and DOJ standards (and discuss what happens when prosecutors skate close to, or arguably over, the line); remedies defense lawyers can seek when press coverage threatens a fair trial; the role of social media; and the pros and cons of press contact.

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The Art of Effective Negotiating (01/24/2020)

Program Number: 3006 Presenter: Frank Carone, Esq.

The program will focus on how attorneys can assess situations in order to reach client objectives by adjusting the approach to problem solving, whether in litigation or transactions. Attorneys will learn how to recognize and address the counterparties’ goals and objectives in order to facilitate a successful outcome for their own client. Attendees will be shown how to sharpen their skills in the art of persuasion while also building trust and credibility within the construct of the advocate/adversary relationship. More than the mere retention of pointers and tips for improving negotiating skills, the permanent benefit of participating in the webcast will be an enduring understanding of how to assess people and situations in a sometimes unfamiliar, uncomfortable or unfriendly environment.

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Attorney-Client Privilege in Government and Congressional Investigations: Key Considerations and Recent Developments (07/30/2019)

Program Number: 2980 Presenter: Andrew D. Garrahan, Esq., Laura Schwalbe, Esq., Angelle Smith Baugh, Esq.

Most attorneys are familiar with the basics of the attorney-client privilege, the attorney work-product doctrine, and attorney ethics rules to maintain client confidentiality. Although these precepts are governed by the law of the jurisdiction, the general protections are similar regardless of the jurisdiction. It is critical to identify and protect these privileges when a client is under investigation by the government, whether that investigation is a criminal or regulatory matter or a congressional investigation.

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Experts at Trial 2019: Opportunities and Challenges (06/11/2019)

Program Number: 2974A Presenter: Michael H. Ginsberg, Esq., Thomas Jackson, Esq. Retired

Jury consultants tell us that jurors respond more favorably to teachers than lawyers. There is no better way to highlight your case themes than through the use of well-qualified and well-spoken experts. But there are challenges, as well. In this program, Tom Jackson and Mike Ginsberg discuss how to use experts to develop your case themes and establish the evidence you need to prevail. They also discuss the pitfalls and challenges of experts--primarily Rule 702 and Daubert requirements governing expert testimony.

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Common Pitfalls of Fiduciary Duties of Officers and Directors and How to Avoid Them: Essential Guidance for In-House and Corporate Counsel (06/04/2019)

Program Number: 2954 Presenter: Megan Lopp Mathias, Esq. - Lopp Mathias Law

Megan Lopp Mathias will present information on the fiduciary duties of officers and directors, as well as members and managers of a limited liability company. The presentation will include common pitfalls made by officers and directors and tips on how to avoid them. In-house and corporate counsel will gain insight on how to navigate the sometimes complex arena of fiduciary responsibilities

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Is Mediation the New Jury Trial Approaches and Strategies to Effective Mediation (05/21/2019)

Program Number: 2947 Presenter: Anthony (Tony) Rospert, Esq.

Over 90% of cases settle before trial as parties are seeking quicker and less expensive ways to resolve disputes. Indeed, it is clear that one of the reasons for the decline in trials is that mediation has assumed a greater role in resolving lawsuits. In order to prepare for this “new normal,” lawyers need to refine their trial skills to represent clients effectively at mediation. But like jury trials preparation for mediation is critically important to the overall success of the process. In this program trial attorney Tony Rospert will provide a practical guide to preparing for mediation and address best practices, including strategies in selecting the right mediator, providing an opening statement during the joint session, and using experts at the mediation, in order to maximize the likelihood of a successful dispute resolution.

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Hostile Territory: Drafting and Enforcing Employee Noncompetes and Nonsolicits in a Changing Legal Landscape (12/09/2019)

Program Number: 29212 Presenter: Amber Shubin, Esq., Andrew Turnbull, Esq.

A growing trend of hostility towards employee noncompetition and nonsolicitation agreements has been mounting over the last several years. A number of states have recently issued laws limiting the enforceability of noncompetes, and other states have proposed legislation aimed at banning employee noncompete agreements altogether. State attorney generals have actively been pursuing actions against companies that use blanket noncompetes for their entire workforce. Courts have also been less willing to enforce employee noncompete and nonsolicit agreements unless they are narrowly drafted. Join us as we explore this hostile trend and provide practical guidance on how to spot problems when drafting and enforcing employee noncompete and nonsolicit agreements. The presentation will explore: •The mounting hostility towards noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements; • Practical strategies for drafting noncompetition and nonsolicit agreements, including for companies operating in multiple jurisdictions; and • Proactive steps for suspected breaches of restrictive covenants.

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How Attorneys Can Prepare Themselves and Their Clients to Maximize an Effective Mediation Process (10/23/2019)

Program Number: 29178 Presenter: Leslie Berkoff, Esq., Elizabeth Shampnoi

Effective mediation advocacy skills greatly differ from litigation advocacy skills. To increase the likelihood of success in mediation, or at a minimum ensure the parties benefit from the process even if the matter does not resolve in mediation, certain preparatory steps need to be undertaken prior to the commencement of the mediation session. Moreover, in order for counsel and the client to properly prepare for, understand and strategize, certain analysis need to be undertaken and the process explained and understood by all involved to maximize the effectiveness of the process. This program will cover these various steps and provide guidance to counsel and clients: How to Select the “Right” Mediator; Preparing and Strategizing Your Case in Advance of the Mediation; Preparing Your Mediation Statement(s) Confidential and/or Shared; Preparing Your Client for the Mediation; Managing The Dynamics of the Mediation; What Happens Next – Whether the Mediation is Successful or

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The Reptile Brain Strategy: Why Lawyers Use It and How to Counter It (10/09/2019)

Program Number: 29140 Presenter: Christina Marinakis, J.D., Psy. D

This presentation will include an overview of the Reptile Theory and provide concrete examples for how the strategy is frequently implemented by plaintiffs’ counsel in personal injury matters, as well as its recent extension to the employment sector. Jury expert, Dr. Christina Marinakis, will share the results of a national survey of mock jury participants designed to test the foundations of the Reptile theory, which has implications for jury selection strategies. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of techniques for countering the Reptile strategy in deposition, voir dire, and throughout trial.

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Effective Use of Exhibits and Demonstratives at Trial (09/24/2019)

Program Number: 29133 Presenter: Michael H. Ginsberg, Esq., Thomas Jackson, Esq. Retired

Effective use of exhibits and demonstrative exhibits at trial can greatly enhance the persuasiveness of your trial presentation and the impact of witness testimony. In another of their series of presentations on trial skills, Tom Jackson and Mike Ginsberg will discuss the use of exhibits and demonstratives at trial to enhance the persuasiveness of the presentation of evidence. Included in the program will be the rules for publishing trial evidence to the jury and suggestions for making the use of exhibits more persuasive. In addition, Jackson and Ginsberg will show and discuss examples of effective demonstratives that illustrate testimony and case themes.

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