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Right of Publicity Dangers: Small Mistakes--$Millions of Costs

Program Number: 2883 Presenter: Rick Kurnit, Esq.

The movement in-house of marketing communications has left brands exposed to $millions of claims for use of their own materials. This webinar will guide you through the dangers and describe best practices. The California Appeals Court this month upheld millions of dollars awarded to a model whose photograph was used in advertising after the brand neglected to exercise its $4, 000 option to extend its right to use the model for another year. The marketing department thought the advertising agency handled such things, the National Brand, like so many today, had fired its ad agency and chosen not to replace it. With the materials you own being continually repurposed in many different ways by many different people, often without an outside agency involved, you need to know what you can do with what you own and how to handle these materials. Small projects and incidental uses of existing materials can result in

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