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Latest Developments in Federal Environmental Law (03/27/2020)

Program Number: 3067 Presenter: Marc Bruner, Esq.

Marc Bruner, an experienced environmental and land use lawyer, will discuss the latest developments under the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, the National Environmental Policy Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. New regulations have recently been adopted or proposed in all of these areas, and the new rules could significantly affect the permitting and compliance requirements for a broad range of development plans, programs and projects that require a federal permit or authorization. The new rules generally embrace a narrower view of federal jurisdiction and authority than the prior regulations, but there are many nuances and complexities that warrant a close examination. This presentation will discuss the new rules and the changes they represent, the implications for future interpretations and applications of these federal laws, and next steps, including litigation challenging the new rules. This is a rapidly changing area of the law, and this presentation will

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Bon Appetite- New Patent and Trademark Strategies for Protecting Food and Beverages (03/12/2020)

Program Number: 3044 Presenter: David Postolski, Esq.

There’s no denying it. We are going through a Food revolution. The food and beverage industry is seeing more food startups than beer in history. Whether it’s CBD food and drink, cannabis edibles, plant-based products, vegan, health-based foods, or improved methods, processes and technologies to produce such products, protecting these types of intellectual property is a crucial step that can’t be ignored. Are current IP systems designed to meet these truly innovative products and services? This webinar will explore these answers and more. Come take an IP food journey with us and learn strategies of what you should do to ensure success in the Food and Beverage industry.

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Making Waves: The Ripple Effects of the Supreme Court’s New “Functional Equivalent” Test on Clean Water Act NPDES Discharge Permitting (08/10/2020)

Program Number: 30191 Presenter: Megan Elliott, Esq., Bryan Franey, Esq., Brenda Gotanda, Esq.

Resolving a hotly contested split in the lower courts as to whether a Clean Water Act NPDES permit is required for indirect discharges to navigable waters, the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision in County of Maui, Hawaii v. Hawaii Wildlife Fund is likely to have significant ripple effects beyond its initial impact. Dischargers, agencies and courts may now confront considerably more complex technical and legal issues arising from the migration of pollutants through groundwater to surface waters. Join us for a discussion that analyzes key aspects of the Supreme Court’s decision and its newly-crafted “functional equivalent” test and explores the potential implications of the change in Clean Water Act jurisprudence on current and future permitting, enforcement and litigation matters.

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Steps Producers and Midstream Companies Can Take to Prepare for Counterparty Bankruptcies Following the Pandemic (05/05/2020)

Program Number: 30126 Presenter: Keith M. Aurzada, Esq., Jorge I. Gutierrez, Esq.

Many U.S. producers, midstream companies and oil field service companies will not survive the current unprecedented downturn. Every upstream and midstream player, and their counsel, must prepare now for the likelihood that one or more counterparties will seek bankruptcy protection. This includes analyzing key terms of midstream agreements to determine whether the contracts are subject to rejection in bankruptcy; identifying whether any material agreements create beneficial consensual liens, evaluating the legal considerations before pursuing such liens, and following the proper steps to perfect the liens; assessing the legal implications of seeking a judgment lien and how to perfect it; and determining whether you may seek a mineral lien, as well as ensuring you comply with strict notice and process for perfecting such a mineral lien.

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Environmental Compliance Concerns During the Pandemic - What Regulated Parties Should Consider (04/10/2020)

Program Number: 30105 Presenter: Dennis Toft, Esq.

While we all need to address the public health issues during the pandemic, we all also need to remember that environmental obligations are not waived or suspended. The current situation will however create additional environmental challenges. This program will describe available guidance issued by the environmental agencies, how statutes and regulations provide mechanisms to address compliance issues caused by force majeure events and practical considerations relating to achieving compliance deadlines.

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Developing and Financing Wind Energy Projects: Protecting your Rights through Contract Provisions (10/25/2019)

Program Number: 29185 Presenter: Paul Belval, Esq., Alexander W. Judd, Esq.

Developers and investors involved in wind energy projects must consider a variety of issues in the course of building and operating those projects. Risks associated with project construction and performance, transmission development, changing regulations and evolving market rules must be allocated among the project and its contractors, power purchasers, land owners and investors. This program will look at some of the more common issues encountered by wind projects and some contractual provisions that can be used to address those issues.

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