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The Kraken’s Wake: Disciplinary Issues for Lawyers Involved in Voter Fraud Claims and Capitol Insurrection (03/15/2021)

Program Number: 3162 Presenter: Mark Dubois, Esq., Jonathan Friedler, Esq.

In the wake of the Kraken and 60+ alleged voter fraud and election irregularity suits, as well as the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, disciplinary authorities are being called upon to review the conduct of lawyers who promoted claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. This seminar will discuss the ethical rules that govern attorney conduct in these circumstances, including Rules 3.1 (Meritorious Claims and Contentions); 3.3 (Candor Toward the Tribunal); 4.1 (Truthfulness in Statements to Others); 4.4 (Respect for Rights of Third Persons); 8.1 (Bar Admission and Disciplinary Matters); 8.3 (Reporting Professional Misconduct); and 8.4 (Misconduct). The seminar will also discuss the current efforts being made to sanction such attorneys and will explore the line between unpopular – though protected – speech and punishable conduct.

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The Storming of the Capitol: What are the criminal, civil and employment consequences? (01/29/2021)

Program Number: 3150 Presenter: Thomas D. Bever, Esq., Amy E. Buice, Esq., Matthew W. Clarke, Esq., Anthony L. Cochran, Esq.

It will be ironic if Donald J. Trump is not prosecuted because of his First Amendment protections, but the rioters (who did exactly what they thought Trump wanted them to do) are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Did Donald J. Trump incite a riot? Did his words give the rioters a defense based on his apparent authority as the President of the United States and the Commander in Chief? What are all of the criminal, civil and employment consequences for the rioters? What can employers of the rioters and protesters do?

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Supreme Court Upholds DACA, Stating DHS's Decision to Rescind Was Arbitrary and Capricious (10/15/2020)

Program Number: 30219 Presenter: Sharon Barney, Esq., Cristina Perez, Esq.

Join Leech Tishman Fuscaldo & Lampl’s Immigration Practice Group attorneys, Cristina Perez and Sharon Barney, for an overview of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”) program. During this CLE, they will discuss the history of DACA, the Supreme Court decision and its impact, and the future of DACA based on recent U.S. government updates and policy changes. The CLE will also discuss potential legal alternatives for DACA recipients.

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Product Liability and Tort Law Implications of the COVID-19 Crisis (05/27/2020)

Program Number: 30146 Presenter: W. McKinney Brown, Esq., Carl J. Schaerf, Esq.

COVID-19 threatens not only our health, but established norms for the role of the legal system and potentially the standards for resolving disputes involving product liability and tort law. This program addresses coronavirus realities relevant to product liability, including key aspects of the virus and the resulting government health and safety orders that have affected business operations and potential liability concerns. We will discuss the most prominent litigation issues facing businesses, such as issues of proof, standards of care, implied warranties for products, premises liability for retailers, distribution and delivery issues, and the duty to warn. Additional topics will include compliance with government orders and government ordered immunities and preemption issues.

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Impending Legalization - Hot Topics in Cannabis Law (05/08/2019)

Program Number: 2981 Presenter: Robert Hertman, Esq., James K. Landau, Esq., Andrew Schriever, Esq.

The legalization of cannabis by states across the nation for both medical and adult use has caused a surge in the production and distribution of legal marijuana and a significant increase in related service providers, including marketers, sellers of paraphernalia and investors. The laws vary greatly from state to state and the sale of cannabis is still illegal under federal law. The faculty for this seminar features several leading authorities on the subject. This comprehensive program on cannabis law will introduce you to the most relevant issues for businesses and attorneys looking to get involved in this emerging industry. The faculty will cover the issues involved in the regulation of cannabis and possible future regulation and an overview of recent case law around the nation affecting this industry. The faculty will also discuss conflicts between federal and state law and policy, including application of ethics rules such as Rule 1.2 of

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The Defend Trade Secrets Act: Updates, Trends, And Analysis After Three Years of the DTSA (09/19/2019)

Program Number: 29160 Presenter: R. David Donaghue, Esq., Anthony J. Fuga, Esq., Steven E. Jedlinski, Esq.

It’s been three years since the DTSA was signed into law. Dave Donoghue, Steve Jedlinski, and Anthony Fuga of Holland & Knight look at how the DTSA has developed over the past few years. This webinar will delve into key features of the DTSA, what is considered a trade secret, best practices for clients, remedies under DTSA, recent appellate decisions interpreting DTSA, and a new focus on foreign espionage, including the DOJ’s China Initiative.

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Regulatory Hurdles Slow Autonomous Vehicle Development (10/22/2019)

Program Number: 29111 Presenter: Eric Tanenblatt, Esq.

Widespread adoption of autonomous transportation is inevitable. Only the timetable for that phenomenon is subject to debate. One of the variables standing in its way…? Government. In this speech, Eric Tanenblatt, Global Chair of Dentons’ Public Policy and Regulation team, provides an industry overview and explores how governments are and will regulate autonomous vehicles.

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