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What Illinois Employers Can Expect in 2020 (02/10/2020)

Program Number: 3043 Presenter: Sylvia Bokyung St.Clair, Esq., Stacey Smiricky, Esq.

Federal and state legislatures have been busy this year, passing new employment laws and regulations that will impact employers in 2020 and beyond. This webinar will discuss these changes and practical tips on how employers can prepare for these changes: • Updates on sexual harassment legislation, including the new Illinois Workplace Transparency Act. • Specific requirements for hotel and casino employers in preventing sexual harassment from guests in the workplace. • Use of artificial intelligence in video interviews. • Marijuana in the workplace including Illinois’ recreational marijuana law. • Minimum wage changes and schedule posting requirements.

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Medical Malpractice Update in Pennsylvania 2020 (12/17/2020)

Program Number: 30288 Presenter: Clifford A. Rieders, Esq.

This highly regarded program given by Cliff Rieders over more than 20 years has not yet been done in Pennsylvania for 2020. The Annual Update of Medical Malpractice covers the leading cases not only in the last year, but also draws, typically, from the prior year or two of experience. Appellate court cases are naturally not decided in a vacuum and rely upon other recent decisions. The program is a fast-paced, concentrated, detailed review of the case law, simplified and accompanied by Rieders’ uniquely valuable PowerPoint. Unique to Cliff Rieders’ approach is the inclusion of significant Court of Common Pleas decisions and a discussion of trending topics.

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COVID-19: Contract Defaults and Insurance for Lost Income (04/20/2020)

Program Number: 30109 Presenter: John R. Sigety, Esq., Ashley Veitenheimer, Esq., Donald A. Waltz, Esq.

The coronavirus has caused contract disputes in ways that we cannot fully imagine. Parties will call their attorneys asking if they can send default letters or if they have defenses for missing contractual deadlines. Terms such as "force majeure," "acts of God," "impossibility of performance," and "Oh my gosh, the contract is silent on this," will become staples of our legal diet. Calls asking, "Does this fall under my business interruption insurance?" have become common. Unfortunately, there is no one answer to all of these questions because the nature of the contract disputes vary widely depending on the industry, facts, locations and laws involved in the particular dispute. This presentation will provide general guidance and focuses on federal common law, New York law, Delaware law and Texas law.

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Unraveling the Legal Complexities of Hemp and CBD (07/10/2019)

Program Number: 2995 Presenter: Ian Stewart, Esq.

The hemp and CBD (cannabidiol) tidal wave continues despite significant confusion on the extent to which hemp and hemp-derived CBD are currently legal. This webinar digs into the fascinating world of the hemp and CBD markets both in the US and abroad. Attendees will receive a clear explanation of the current legality of hemp and CBD as we transition from the 2014 Farm Bill toward full implementation of the protections under the 2018 Farm Bill. The discussion will include how various states and federal agencies are adapting to hemp and CBD, including current limitations on interstate transportation and prohibitions under relevant food and drug laws. We will address common misconceptions relating to hemp and CBD, and identify risk management best practices that should be embraced by all current industry participants.

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The Future of IRS Voluntary Disclosures in a Post-OVDP World (07/18/2019)

Program Number: 2993 Presenter: Matthew D. Lee, Esq.

Following the termination last fall of its immensely successful Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced a new regime to govern all voluntary disclosures regarding tax noncompliance. These new procedures apply to both domestic and offshore voluntary disclosures, and in many ways, they replicate the procedures under the now-shuttered OVDP. In other ways, the new procedures are significantly different, particularly the new civil penalty framework, which calls for the imposition of a 50 percent penalty on undisclosed offshore financial assets, and a 75 percent civil fraud penalty on unpaid taxes. This program will trace the history of IRS voluntary disclosure programs, review key elements of the new regime announced in November 2018, and provide guidance to practitioners considering whether voluntary disclosures are warranted.

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Getting Your Ducks in a Row for the California Consumer Privacy Act (06/27/2019)

Program Number: 2985 Presenter: Sadia Mirza, Esq.

Data privacy took center stage in 2018. The European Union's (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in May 2018, and California quickly followed suit with its own privacy protection law, the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA). The CCPA greatly expands privacy protections for California residents by providing greater transparency and control over how certain businesses use their personal information. Come next year, California residents will have rights similar in principle to those afforded to EU residents, including the right to access information, right to deletion, right to data portability, and the right to opt out of the sale of their personal information. Businesses subject to the CCPA need to get their ducks in a row early to comply with the CCPA, which goes into effect on January 1, 2020. During this webinar, Troutman Sanders’ attorney Sadia Mirza will cover the scope of the act, key definitions, the new rights afforded

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Impending Legalization - Hot Topics in Cannabis Law (05/08/2019)

Program Number: 2981 Presenter: Robert Hertman, Esq., James K. Landau, Esq., Andrew Schriever, Esq.

The legalization of cannabis by states across the nation for both medical and adult use has caused a surge in the production and distribution of legal marijuana and a significant increase in related service providers, including marketers, sellers of paraphernalia and investors. The laws vary greatly from state to state and the sale of cannabis is still illegal under federal law. The faculty for this seminar features several leading authorities on the subject. This comprehensive program on cannabis law will introduce you to the most relevant issues for businesses and attorneys looking to get involved in this emerging industry. The faculty will cover the issues involved in the regulation of cannabis and possible future regulation and an overview of recent case law around the nation affecting this industry. The faculty will also discuss conflicts between federal and state law and policy, including application of ethics rules such as Rule 1.2 of

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Legal Sports Betting and the Integrity of Athletic Competition (09/04/2019)

Program Number: 29158 Presenter: Jodi S. Balsam, Esq.

The program will explore the post-Murphy world of legalized sports gambling in the U.S. in terms of what states who have authorized sports betting are doing – or not doing – to protect the integrity of the underlying athletic competitions. The program will also examine the official gambling policies of U.S. sports governing bodies, including the major professional leagues, individual sports associations, and the NCAA, and the need for private investment in integrity monitoring, and education and training of sports participants about gambling-related integrity risks. Notably, the European experience with legal sports gambling and match-fixing scandals has revealed the value of both public criminal laws that specifically target game manipulation and private anti-corruption initiatives that prioritize game integrity. **Learning Objectives: Attorneys will - Understand the evolving statutory landscape as American states have legalized sports gambling (eight to date, and six more about to launch), and to what extent these new

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Regulating Beverage Alcohol-Past Practices and Current Perceptions (09/12/2019)

Program Number: 29157 Presenter: Bradley Berkman, Esq., Louis J. Terminello, Esq.

The presentation will provide a brief history of the 21st Amendment focusing on the development of the roles and functions of the federal and state(s) governments in regulating beverage alcohol. Attention will be given to the broad authority granted to the states in implementing laws that control the transport, sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages within their borders. The topic of discussion will segue into the interplay of the Commerce Clause and the 21st Amendment, particularly section 2, and the current limitations placed on state authority as highlighted by the Supreme Court cases of Granholm (2005) and Blair (2019). The learning objectives include: *Understanding the role of the 21st Amendment and its impact on alcohol beverage regulation. *The role and authority the United States government maintains in the regulation of beverage alcohol. *The role and authority that state(s) governments maintain in the regulation of beverage alcohol and provide an overview, (conceptually),

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High Times at FDA: The Federal and State Regulation of Cannabis (09/11/2019)

Program Number: 29138 Presenter: Mark Mansour, Esq.

The regulation of cannabis is one of the most controversial issues facing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the states. FDA held a public meeting on May 31, 2019, and the result was inconclusive regarding next steps. This webinar will discuss the results of the webinar, prospects for federal legislation, developments in state legislation, and prospects for the coming years. We will also address questions such as whether the train has left the station regarding the marketing and sale of CBD, as well as what is next for THC. In addition, we will talk about the prospects for congressional action regarding marijuana. We hope you’ll join us for this discussion of a highly topical issue that is only going to receive more attention in the coming years.

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