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Date Published: 09/06/2018

The Associates’ Guide to Lifelong Rainmaking Skills

Congratulations, you graduated from law school and have become a licensed attorney!
And while many of the skills and the information you learned in law school are helpful in your day to day practice of law, the one thing they don’t teach in most law schools is business development skills.
It’s time to learn now! The earlier you can begin to learn and use the Rainmaking tactics and skills taught in this seminar, the better your chance for creating the practice you would like.
This seminar is for attorneys who have been in the practice of law for five years or less. It will teach you:
• How to become a Rainmaker
• How to work with your bosses to create a practice you love
• What are the Rainmaking Tactics you can use now to begin to create a book of business
• What does your social media profile say about you and how to make it more professional
• How to network:
o How to networking with people twice your age to create new opportunities
o How to create a strategic network of people who will help you in your career
• Finding a Mentor
• The ethical considerations you need to know to ensure you don’t do anything to jeopardize your career..

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