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Inspector General Whistleblower Investigations – How They Work & How to Manage if Under Investigation


Federal Government inspector general offices are required to investigate whistleblower complaints against contractors in certain circumstances. If your company... read more

Retainer Agreements: Ethics and Practical Advice for all Attorneys


An attorney’s retainer (engagement) agreement is one of the most important documents used in a lawyer’s practice. The concept of... read more

Filing Taxes on Crypto Gains/Losses


After millions of new users flooded Cryptocurrency exchanges in late 2017, most cryptocurrencies saw a jumpy start to 2018 and... read more

Structuring Options for ESOP Transactions: Advanced Techniques for ERISA Counsel and Plan Sponsors


An employee stock ownership plan or “ESOP” can be an extremely useful tool in terms of tax and employee benefits... read more

Cartel Enforcement: What You Don’t Know Could Cost You—So Listen in and Know It


This program will give you critical information to avoid a crippling cartel investigation; an insider’s look at how to deal... read more

Pick a Niche to Scratch Their Legal Itch and Do It Ethically: Attorney Business Development by Becoming a Big Fish in a Small Pond


Attorney Business Development By Becoming a Big Fish in a Small Pond The day of the general practitioner is dead (long... read more

Substance Abuse and Addiction in the Legal Profession


Studies show that lawyers are at greater risk for alcohol and other substance use disorders, depression, other mental illness and... read more

“I’m the controller!” “No, I am!”: Joint Controllers under the GDPR


The relationship between controllers and processors under the EU’s GDPR is well understood, but what if neither party is a... read more

Securities Regulations Applied to Security Token Offerings


Offerings merged in 2018 to give us security token offerings, the application of securities laws to security token offerings have... read more

Maximizing Cause Challenges: Getting Jurors to Reveal Bias and Admit They Can’t Be Fair


Every juror filters your arguments and evidence through a lens crafted from their attitudes and experiences; the key to a... read more