Celesq® Upcoming Webcasts

Is it Possible to Get a Fair Trial in the Age of Mass and Social Media?


The 6th Amendment guarantees the right to a fair trial. But in the age of Mass and Social media, and... read more

Sedona Provides Updated, Practical Guidance for Legal Holds


Good-faith, reasonable, and proportional document preservation should be top of mind for any entity trying to satisfy its discovery obligations... read more

Digital Asset Regulation: What the SEC Is Doing and Why It Matters


Since the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued its groundbreaking “DAO Report” in June 2017, pulled the plug on... read more

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in Bankruptcy Cases


This program will first describe the basis of cryptocurrency and blockchain.  It will then address specific topics, including creditors’ rights... read more

Cutting Edge Topics in Cyberinsurance Coverage


This course will first provide an overview of the cyberinsurance market and the coverages provided in most policies. It will... read more

Requests for Equitable Adjustment and Claims: Essential Tools for the Government Contractor


In this CLE, experienced government contracting attorney will discuss two key strategies for seeking compensation in connection with unanticipated issues... read more

Trademark Filings for the Non-IP Practitioners: The Essentials You Need to Know


This program will examine the process of filing a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The presentation... read more

Planning an Effective Response to a Cyber Incident


A competent and effective response to a cyber incident requires advance consideration of many issues. In this program, Carole Buckner,... read more

Intellectual Property in Bankruptcy


Join us for a webinar on the treatment of intellectual property in bankruptcy, led by Mark Salzberg, a partner in... read more

"Business Purpose" And Dividing the Family Corporation: Think Before You Let it Rip


The “family” is sometimes described as the smallest social organization. | Its members often comprise the entire ownership and... read more