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The State of Telemedicine in 2016

Program Number: 2607 Presenter: Sheryl Feutz-Harter, Esq., Jason D. Haislmaier, Esq.

Join us for this important program on telemedicine for attorneys. Topics include: • an overview of what is telemedicine and the types of telemedicine services; • the current legal and regulatory issues impacting telemedicine programs, including: coverage and reimbursement; licensure issues; and credentialing of telemedicine providers; • issues to be considered when implementing a telemedicine program; and • what is anticipated in telemedicine in 2016.

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EU-U.S. Data Transfer- Life after the Safe Harbor under the "Privacy Shield"

Program Number: 2605 Presenter: Jana Fuchs, Esq., Jason D. Haislmaier, Esq.

Companies of all types were caught off guard when the EU-U.S. Safe Harbor data transfer framework was invalidated in October 2015. In the months following the invalidation, many companies anxiously awaited a replacement for the original Safe Harbor framework. That replacement has now been announced in the form of the newly-negotiated “Privacy Shield” framework. Join Jana Fuchs and Jason Haislmaier as they discuss the details of the Privacy Shield framework, provide an update on the current status and timeline for the formal adoption of the Privacy Shield, and provide strategies for compliance in EU-U.S. cross border data transfers both now and following adoption of the Privacy Shield.

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Autonomous Vehicles: Privacy and Cybersecurity Issues

Program Number: 2603 Presenter: Christopher M. Achatz, Esq., David A. Zetoony, Esq.

**** CD's are pre-order only and not available until after the program date - Online is not available until after the program date **** With even GM investing in a driverless future, autonomous vehicles, or self-driving cars, may be the greatest disruptive innovation to travel that we have experienced in decades. A fully-automated, self-driving car is able to perceive its environment, determine the optimal route, and drive unaided by human intervention for the entire journey. Self-driving cars have the potential to drastically reduce accidents, travel time, and the environmental impact of road travel. However, obstacles remain for the full implementation of this autonomous technology. Of particular concern with regard to autonomous vehicles are data privacy and security risks that attorneys need to know. David Zetoony and Chris Achatz, Bryan Cave LLP, discuss the evolution of the technology, provide an overview of current legal and regulatory data privacy and security issues that are

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Monitoring Employee Use of Computers, Phones, Social Media and More: Latest Developments for In-House Corporate and Employment Lawyers

Program Number: 2602 Presenter: Joshua A. James, Esq., Daniel I. Prywes, Esq.

Employers have a variety of technological means to monitor employees’ communications and activities, and new technologies provide additional means. Yet employees still have legally protected privacy rights that must be respected. Join Dan Prywes and Josh James as they discuss: • basic principles respecting different monitoring tools and areas of legal uncertainty, • the development of employer policies and employee-consent forms to best advance employers’ legitimate goals, and • variations among state laws, union bargaining over monitoring, and emerging issues.

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Prepare for Takeoff! What In-House and Corporate Lawyers Should Know to Mitigate the Risks and Capture the Benefits of Commercial Drone Use

Program Number: 2567 Presenter: Jason D. Haislmaier, Esq., Thomas C. Helm, Shalem A. Massey, Esq.

Called the "most dynamic growth sector within the aviation industry," the commercial use of unmanned aircraft systems ("UAS") more commonly known as “drones” is experiencing exponential growth. This growth presents a tremendous opportunity for companies across many diverse industries. However, this opportunity is not without legal risk and potential liability. In this important program on how to prepare for commercial drone use, our presenters discuss the current regulatory landscape, risks and liabilities posed by commercial drone use, and available risk mitigation tools and strategies.

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Ethical Considerations in E-Discovery for Corporate Attorneys and Litigators-2015

Program Number: 2539 Presenter: Irene Savanis Fiorentinos, Esq., Joshua Fuchs, Esq.

Join Irene Fiorentinos and Josh Fuchs of Jones Day as they address how to implement ethical and competent solutions for the scope and cost challenges surrounding electronic document retention, preservation and production. The program suggests approaches for establishing reasonable steps in preservation under the anticipated amendment of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 37(e) while incorporating proportionality principles; provides an update on competent selection and use of computer analytics technology by litigators; and further discusses ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct 1.1, 3.2 and 3.4 and ethical opinions interpreting these rules, as well as case law relating to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 1, 16, 26 and 37.

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E-Discovery-2015: Recent Decisions and Practical Implications for All Attorneys

Program Number: 2538 Presenter: Carmen G. McLean, Esq.

Join Carmen McLean, a partner at Jones Day, as she discusses the impacts of recent e-discovery decisions. Topics include: • what you need to know about recent e-discovery decisions • whether you should adjust your strategies related to litigation holds or predictive coding • what you can learn about producing from social media and when to request cost shifting • whether there is additional authority in support of decisions that would reduce costs

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The Role of Social Media in E-Discovery: Current Developments for All Attorneys

Program Number: 2537 Presenter: Kevin M. Comeau, Esq., Theresa M. Coughlin, Esq., Carmen G. McLean, Esq.

As social media takes on an increasingly central role in people's lives, all attorneys must understand the implications of this expansion on e-discovery. This presentation covers preservation, collection, and processing issues unique to social media and emerging social media case law.

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How the FTC Identifies, Targets, and Tracks Companies Alleged to Engage in Improper Data Privacy, Data Security, Advertising, or Marketing Practices: A Guide for In-House Counsel

Program Number: 2534 Presenter: David A. Zetoony, Esq.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) files around 70 actions each year for alleged bad data privacy, data security, advertising, or marketing practices. In addition, the FTC conducts hundreds of other investigations that do not ultimately lead to an enforcement action. This program discusses the ways in which the FTC identifies its enforcement targets and focuses in particular on the FTC’s use of consumer complaint data to track companies and to identify enforcement targets.

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Successfully Navigating False Claims Act Enforcement in the Health Care Space

Program Number: 2533 Presenter: Darryl T. Landahl, Esq., Laura S. Perlov, Esq., Cliff Stricklin, Esq.

Darryl Landahl, Cliff Stricklin and Laura Perlov discuss successfully navigating False Claims Act (FCA) enforcement against health care companies, including hospitals, physicians groups and health insurers alike. Topics include: • Government pursuit of cases against health care entities and its success rate. • Recent enforcement trend in bringing FCA claims against health care companies based upon submission of allegedly false Medicare Risk Adjustment data, resulting in higher payments for Medicare Advantage members. • Overview of risk adjustment calculation and submission requirements. • FCA developments and recent cases regarding the Public Disclosure Bar and Original Source Requirement • Recent developments and decisions regarding Stark and Anti-Kickback Actions

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