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The State of Telemedicine in 2016

Program Number: 2607 Presenter: Sheryl Feutz-Harter, Esq., Jason D. Haislmaier, Esq.

Join us for this important program on telemedicine for attorneys. Topics include: • an overview of what is telemedicine and the types of telemedicine services; • the current legal and regulatory issues impacting telemedicine programs, including: coverage and reimbursement; licensure issues; and credentialing of telemedicine providers; • issues to be considered when implementing a telemedicine program; and • what is anticipated in telemedicine in 2016.

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Conflicts of Interest: Ethics Issues and Practical Solutions for Attorneys

Program Number: 2606 Presenter: Steven C. Bennett, Esq., Park Jensen Bennett LLP

Attorneys need to be aware of the ethical pitfalls in dealing with prospective, actual and former clients. In this important discussion for all attorneys of conflicts of interest, Steve Bennett, Park Jensen Bennett LLP, discusses the ethical issues to consider, including: • Who’s a client? • Duties to prospective clients • Direct conflicts • Indirect conflicts • Waivers and screening • Duties to former clients Ethics authorities covered include ABA Model Rules Rule 1.7 Conflict of Interest: Current Clients); Rule 1.8 (Conflict of Interest: Current Clients); Rule 1.9 (Duties to Former Clients); Rule 1.10 (Imputation of Conflicts of Interest: General); Westinghouse Electric Corp. v. Kerr-McGee Corp., 580 F.2d 1311 (7th Cir. 1978) (the “fiduciary relationship existing between lawyer and client extends to preliminary consultation by a prospective client with a view toward retention of the lawyer, although actual employment does not result); Analytica v. NPD Research, Inc., 708 F.2d 1263 (7th Cir. 1983) (a substantial relationship exists if a "lawyer could have obtained

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EU-U.S. Data Transfer- Life after the Safe Harbor under the "Privacy Shield"

Program Number: 2605 Presenter: Jana Fuchs, Esq., Jason D. Haislmaier, Esq.

Companies of all types were caught off guard when the EU-U.S. Safe Harbor data transfer framework was invalidated in October 2015. In the months following the invalidation, many companies anxiously awaited a replacement for the original Safe Harbor framework. That replacement has now been announced in the form of the newly-negotiated “Privacy Shield” framework. Join Jana Fuchs and Jason Haislmaier as they discuss the details of the Privacy Shield framework, provide an update on the current status and timeline for the formal adoption of the Privacy Shield, and provide strategies for compliance in EU-U.S. cross border data transfers both now and following adoption of the Privacy Shield.

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