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Data Breach Investigations: Ethical Considerations for In-House Counsel when Publicly Reporting a Security Incident

Program Number: 2512 Presenter: Jena M. Valdetero, Esq, David A. Zetoony, Esq.

David Zetoony and Jena M. Valdetero discuss ethical issues that typically arise when an organization considers whether to report a security incident and what information about the incident should be publicly conveyed. Topics include questions of confidentiality and conflict in the context of managing public relations/communications consultants, determining whether to report an incident, and communicating with law enforcement. Specific ethical rules, cases, opinions to be discussed include: ABA Model Rules (e.g., Confidentiality of Information (1.6), Conflict of Interest (1.7), Organization as client (1.13), Duties to prospective client (1.18), Advisor (2.1), Lawyer as witness (3.7), Truthfulness in statements to others (4.1)); Upjohn; and various state bar ethics opinions.

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