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Asset Protection Planning for Attorneys: Part III: Litigation Challenges and other Threats to Integrated Estate Planning Trusts

Program Number: 2532 Presenter: Barry S. Engel, Esq.

Time is often of the essence with respect to litigation challenges or other types of threats that may arise against an integrated estate planning trust (“IEPT”) or a related underlying entity. Join Barry Engel as he provides: (1) an introduction and comprehensive overview of the concepts of contempt of court principles; (2) an overview of trust litigation issues; and (3) an introduction to concepts involving protecting individually-held assets (referred to as “Level I” Planning) and concepts involving protecting the assets of a business or professional practice (referred to as “Level II” Planning). Our presenter also discusses how the attorney can borrow planning concepts from Level I Planning and apply them in the context of Level II Planning. Note: this program may also be taken as a stand-alone program by attorneys well-versed in the core foundations and principles of integrated estate planning (see, e.g., Part I-program 2530; Part II-program 2531).

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