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A Review of EEOC's Fiscal Year ending September 2014 and a Look at What to Expect Next Year

Program Number: 2448 Presenter: Eric S. Dreiband, Esq.

Former U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) General Counsel Eric Dreiband, currently a partner at Jones Day, reviews the EEOC's fiscal year ending September 30, 2014, including significant regulatory and policy documents issued by EEOC; its significant wins and losses in the courts, and Supreme Court decisions that considered its position; Congressional oversight of the EEOC; and other significant developments. Mr. Dreiband also discusses: • EEOC’s potential actions, plans and strategies for the coming year. • EEOC's lawsuit that alleges that a hair policy amounted to race discrimination. • EEOC's recently issued guidance about pregnancy and sex discrimination. • The Supreme Court's upcoming term and review of EEOC's pre-suit conciliation obligations. • The dismissal of a nationwide pattern or practice intentional discrimination class action because the EEOC did not conduct any nationwide investigation. • Decisions by various courts to sanction the EEOC. • The status of EEOC's enforcement efforts concerning the use by employers of criminal and

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Patent Investigations in the International Trade Commission: Leveraging Recent Developments, from the Celesq®-West LegalEdcenter IP Master Series

Program Number: 2447IP Presenter: Christopher D. Bright, Esq., Daniel R. Foster, Esq.

Daniel Foster and Christopher Bright address recent developments in Section 337 investigations at the U.S. International Trade Commission, including key developments on the substantive issues of direct infringement, indirect infringement, validity, domestic industry, and the scope of exclusion orders, as well as key procedural issues, including the 100-day pilot program and stays pending the completion of Inter Partes Reviews.

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The Law of Commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Program Number: 2446 Presenter: Thomas R. DeCesar, Esq., Edward J. Fishman, James B. Insco II, Esq., Martin L. Stern, Esq.

K&L Gates attorneys Ed Fishman, Marty Stern, Jim Insco and Tom DeCesar provide an overview of the current state of U.S. law in relation to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) used for commercial purposes, and where the legal landscape is headed. The program covers current FAA guidance/regulations related to UAS (which are often referred to as drones in the general media), legal hurdles and paths to compliance (including Section 333 exemptions and experimental certificates of airworthiness), and FAA enforcement activities. In addition, the presenters preview the FAA’s anticipated small UAS rulemaking, and some of the legal issues expected to develop in relation to commercial UAS activities over the coming years, such as privacy, property rights, and state restrictions on UAS operations.

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An Ethical Quandary: In-House Attorney as Whistleblower

Program Number: 2445 Presenter: Roger A. Lane, Esq., Courtney Worcester, Esq.

Attorneys are required by state professional responsibility laws to safeguard their clients’ secrets. What happens when in-house lawyers reveal sensitive information to the Securities and Exchange Commission or other agencies as whistleblowers? Are those disclosures protected? Can an attorney profit from the disclosure? Join Courtney Worcester and Roger A. Lane as they discuss the ethical quandaries caused by attorney whistleblowers, including a discussion of the issues currently in the headlines in the recent suit involving the Vanguard Group, Inc. Rule 1.6 of the Professional Rule of Professional Conduct, among others, will be discussed.

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IT Outsourcing Today—Insights and Tips for In-House Counsel on Successfully Contracting in the New Economy

Program Number: 2444 Presenter: Matthew A. Karlyn, Esq. - Cooley LLP

Recent reports and studies of the outsourcing industry have demonstrated that higher deal volume with lower per deal value is becoming increasingly the norm among companies that outsource all or components of their IT infrastructure. While outsourcing activity shows few, if any, signs of slowing down, contract value on a per deal basis is steadily shrinking, and as the outsourcing market in the post-recessionary economy has matured, deal structure and contracting strategy have also changed. Join Matt Karlyn, a partner in the technology transactions group of Cooley LLP and a strategic sourcing expert, as he discusses the current outsourcing environment and offers advice on how to successfully structure and negotiate transactions and agreements in today’s economy.

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Chronic Stress and Addiction: Prevention, Detection and Treatment of Substance Abuse in Attorneys

Program Number: 2443 Presenter: Joan Bibelhausen, JD, John D. Culbert, Esq.

It may be an alcohol fueled incident at a firm event, changed behavior in a partner or associate, or poor representation by the lawyer on the other side of your matter. Addiction, dependency and mental illness are not uncommon in the legal profession. Learn to identify the classic warning signs of alcoholism and other mental health issues, help others get the help they need and provide support as they recover. This program discusses the disease of addiction along with predictors, risk factors, signs and symptoms. The presenters also provide realistic approaches and options for treatment and support, including lawyer assistance programs across the country. Ethical considerations for these issues are addressed.

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Marijuana's Potential Impact on the Workplace Continues to Expand in 2014: Tips for In-House Employment Counsel

Program Number: 2442 Presenter: Michael W. Groebe, Esq.

2014 has seen increasing numbers of states implementing legislation dealing with medical marijuana with more states likely to follow. This program, geared to in-house employment lawyers, addresses recent legal developments in this area, including state law changes in medical marijuana laws, interpretive case law, drug testing and implications of positive tests for marijuana, the duty to accommodate under the ADA and disciplining employees for medical marijuana use.

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Whistleblower Developments: Important Updates for In-House Counsel

Program Number: 2441 Presenter: Bryan B. House, Esq., Courtney Worcester, Esq.

This summer has brought several noteworthy whistleblower developments that in-house counsel need to be aware of, including the Securities and Exchange Commission bringing its first anti-retaliation action and courts continuing to diverge on whether a plaintiff must disclose a suspected violation to the SEC in order to invoke the anti-retaliation protections of Dodd-Frank. Join Bryan House and Courtney Worcester as they bring you up to speed on all the recent developments and provide practical tips for addressing such claims.

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Taking the "Shhh" out of Trade Secrets: What Counsel Should Know about Protecting the "Secret Sauce"

Program Number: 2440 Presenter: Aaron Tantleff, Esq.

The concept of “trade secrets” and everything relating to them--defining what they are and how they can be used, who they can be shared with and how, understanding and valuing them, and protecting them from industrial espionage or misuse by departing employees—has always been somewhat nebulous in principle and even more so in practice. While most companies claim to have trade secrets, and need to protect those secrets to maintain their competitive advantages and unique elements, unless they are obvious secrets, such as the formula for Coca-Cola or “the Colonel’s” 11 herbs and spices, it can be difficult to document just what is a trade secret and the law will not necessarily recognize it as such. With the emergence of a worldwide economy, globalization, development of information networks capable of rapidly moving sensitive data, and the increased focus on new technology as a business driver, a company’s legal

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Supreme Court Roundup—2013-14 Term, from the Celesq®-West LegalEdcenter IP Master Series

Program Number: 2439IP Presenter: Anthony F. Lo Cicero, Esq.

With precedent-shattering decisions on fee shifting in patent cases (Highmark v. Allcare; Octane v. Icon), induced infringement (Limelight v. Akamai), indefiniteness (Nautilus v. Biosig), laches (Petrella v. MGM), standing (Lexmark v. Static), and others to come, the Supreme Court’s decisions from the 2013-2014 term have proven to be among the most important in years. Join Anthony Lo Cicero of Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein as he discusses these cases and addresses how the future of IP enforcement will change.

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