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Date Published: 03/21/2013

Demystifying Cloud Computing Contracts for Information Technology, Corporate and In-House Lawyers: Clear Skies Ahead

Even as the understanding and prevalence of the Cloud continues to escalate and as companies continue to migrate data and services to the Cloud, counsel for many companies are still attempting to review contacts for cloud services as if they were software contracts or fail to understand and appreciate issues regarding security, performance, availability, disaster recovery and business continuity. In addition, many fail to properly appreciate the implementation process or the effort involved to move to another vendor and thus, fail to consider the costs of signing on and how it may lock the company in with the vendor as switching vendors may be cost prohibitive. Join Matt Karlyn and Aaron Tantleff of Foley & Lardner LLP as they discuss some of the more significant issues that arise during negotiations with cloud providers and how to effectively negotiate terms and mitigate risks.

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