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Date Published: 01/30/2018

Confidentiality and Privilege: Ethics for In-House and Deal Lawyers

Confidentiality and other ethical obligations, as well as the attorney-client privilege and other privileges, are a part of everyday life for a litigator. Transactional and in-house attorneys, however, often advise their clients on business and legal matters. As a result, it can be difficult to know which communications and documents are confidential, privileged and/or subject to other ethical considerations. In this program, litigators Michael Thompson and Jasmine Coo review key legal and ethical authorities governing confidentiality, privilege, and other ethical obligations (including ABA Model Rules 1.6 (Confidentiality of Information), 2.1 (Advisor), and 5.1 – 5.3 (Responsibilities of a Partner or Supervisory Lawyer, Responsibilities of a Subordinate Lawyer; Responsibilities Regarding Nonlawyer Assistance), and ABA Formal Ethics Opinions 95-390 (Conflicts of Interest in the Corporate Family Context), and 98-410 (Lawyer Serving as Direct of Client Corporation) with a focus on the many hats that in-house and transactional lawyers wear; give you the tools to decipher what is confidential or privileged and what isn't; and offer some tips that will help increase the likelihood that your deal communications and drafts will be protected.

Details regarding the upcoming live webcast to follow soon.

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