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Date Published: 02/25/2013

2013 CLE Programs available now; New Web Casts— Celesq® AttorneysEd Center Update for February 25, 2013

February 25, 2013-

2013 CLE programs now available online and on CD at Celesq®

ETHICS! 2314 Ethics of Witness Preparation View details
ETHICS! 2313 Ethical Considerations in Conducting Internal Corporate Investigations View details
ETHICS! 2309 Confidentiality Obligations: Ethical Considerations for All Attorneys View details
ETHICS! 2306IP Understanding the Newly Proposed Ethics Rules Before the USPTO, from the Celesq®-West LegalEdcenter IP Master Series View details
ELIMINATION OF BIAS IN THE LEGAL PROFESSION! 2304 Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession-2013: The Organization Development Perspective on Recruiting, Training, and Retaining a Diverse Pool of Legal Talent View details
• 2302 Voir Dire View details
• 2319 Tax and Other Considerations Specific to Asset Protection and Estate Planning Attorneys in the Wake of the Fiscal Cliff View details

Updated listing of upcoming 2013 web casts

ETHICS! 2321 Everything Tax Advisors Should Know to Stay Out of Trouble: Ethical Considerations for Tax Counsel View details
ETHICS! 2312 Withdrawal from Client Representations: Ethical Considerations for All Attorneys View details
ETHICS! 2325 Ethical Challenges in Conducting Cross-Border Internal Investigations View details
• 2303 Exhibits at Trial View details
• 2307 EEOC Cracks Down on Systemic Discrimination: What In-House and Employment Lawyers Need to Know to Minimize Risks in Hiring Practices View details
• 2320 The “New” DOJ and SEC Guidance on the FCPA: Is There Anything New? View details
• 2305 Avoiding a Mess! Part II: Why Business Lawyers Should Call Litigators before the Contract Is Executed View details
• 2323IP Patent Litigation: Mapping a Global Strategy, from the Celesq®-West LegalEdcenter IP Master Series View details
• 2324IP Patent Infringement Litigation before the International Trade Commission: Hot Topics, from the Celesq®-West LegalEdcenter IP Master Series - View details
• 2322 The Supreme Court Speaks on Same-Sex Marriage: What the Decisions Mean for Employee Benefits and Family Law Counsel View details
• 2308 Is There a Middle Ground between Document Over-Preservation and Allegations of Spoliation? An Analysis for In-House and Corporate Counsel View details
• 2315 Asset Protection for the Operating Business, Professional Practice and Real Estate Holdings View details
• 2316 Asset Protection Challenges: Comparing Successful Plans to Unsuccessful Plans: Lessons to be Learned from What Worked Well View details
• 2317 Asset Protection Planning Techniques for Clients with Modest to Medium-Sized Estates-2013 View details
• 2318 Recent Developments in Asset Protection Planning: July 1, 2012 to November 21, 2013 View details

The web casts will be recorded and, like all Celesq® programs, will be available on demand and on CD directly from Celesq® (www.celesq.com). For more information about any of the programs, or to place an order from Celesq®, you may visit their web site at www.celesq.com and click on the program(s) in which you are interested; or email them at customer.care@celesq.com.
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