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How to Investigate #metoo Claims: A Nuts and Bolts Guide for In-House Employment and Corporate Counsel


Sexual harassment and sexual misconduct in the workplace are high profile issues for all attorneys and conducting prompt and thorough... read more

Confidentiality and Privilege: Ethics for In-House and Deal Lawyers


Confidentiality and other ethical obligations, as well as the attorney-client privilege and other privileges, are a part of everyday life... read more

Ethical Conundrums in Cross-Border Corporate Investigations


In the ever-expanding field of corporate investigations, some of the thorniest issues arise not only at home, but also abroad.... read more

SEC Enforcement 2018: New Directions and Challenges


Tom Gorman examines the new direction laid out for the SEC’s Enforcement Program by Chairman Clayton, trends emerging as the... read more

Negotiation And Settlement Of Disputes: Ethical Issues for All Attorneys


Ethics issues abound in the negotiation and settlement of disputes, and can lead to the undoing of agreements, disciplinary charges... read more

Recent Trends in the SEC Whistleblower Program and Tips for Addressing Whistleblower Complaints


In this program of particular interest to in-house lawyers and litigators at public companies, our presenters address the SEC’s Dodd-Frank... read more

Common Post-Acquisition Disputes and How to Avoid Them: Practical Guidance for In-House and Corporate Attorneys


Mergers, acquisitions, and asset sales often have many moving parts that require clients to engage subject matter experts to review... read more

What Attorneys Should Know about the Ever-Expanding Role of Open Source and Third-Party Software in Cybersecurity


As open source software has grown in importance, so too have the number of cybersecurity breaches involving hackers exploiting vulnerabilities... read more

Confidentiality, Privilege and other Ethics Issues after the Merger: What to Do When You're in Post-Acquisition Dispute Litigation


Mergers, acquisitions, and asset sales raise a number of ethical issues, including who controls the confidentiality and privilege after the... read more

Data Privacy and Security Issues in M&A Transactions for Transactional, Technology and Corporate Lawyers


Data privacy and data security present unique obligations and potentially significant liabilities for both buyers and sellers involved in M&A... read more