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2017 Post-Acquisition Dispute Round-Up


The best away to learn how to avoid pitfalls after a merger, acquisition, or asset sale is to analyze which... read more

Key Legal Issues in the Internet of Things


The Internet of Things (IoT), including artificial intelligence and robotics, have now entered the mainstream social narrative. However, the proliferation... read more

What In-House, Corporate and Securities Counsel Should Know about System and Organization Controls (SOC) Reports and their Applicability to Reporting on Internal Controls


In today’s world, almost every type of public or private company needs to assess its internal control environment. This is... read more

Positive Steps to Increase Gender Diversity and Eliminate Bias in the Legal Profession


In this lively and thought-provoking program, Andrea S. Kramer and Alton B. Harris discuss how implicit gender bias can prevent... read more

How Does Employment Practices Liability Insurance Affect Your Employment Cases? What In-House and Outside Lawyers and Litigators Should Know


Good news: you were just retained to handle an employment dispute. You soon learn the employer has employment practices liability... read more

Ethical Considerations for Lawyers Involved in Estate Planning and Asset Protection


Attorneys who assist clients with their asset protection and estate planning needs must be careful to comply with what is... read more

Direct Examination: Allowing Witnesses to Tell Their Stories at Trial


Tom Jackson and Mike Ginsberg discuss techniques for presenting the direct examination of percipient and expert witnesses to maximize the... read more

Mental Health, Competence, Substance Abuse and Addiction in the Legal Profession: A Focus on Gender Distinctions


Studies show that lawyers are at greater risk for alcohol use disorders, depression, other mental illness and stress than members... read more