Celesq® Upcoming Webcasts

Detecting Bias: Model Rule of Professional Responsibility 8.4(g) Viewed Through the Lens of Sherlock Holmes Movies and Television


Hidden bias is difficult to root out. We are all incapable of completely impartially examining our reasons for acting;... read more

Achieving Success in 2019: 5 Tips for Success in Private Practice


Whether 2018 was your firm’s best year ever or one of the very worst, nothing provides more opportunity for success... read more

How Do You Solve a Problem Like E-mail?


For years, e-mail has been both a vital communications tool and a growing liability for many organizations. While e-mail... read more

Improving the Law Firm-Client Relationship with Technology to Create Transparency & Set Clear Expectations


When clients complain about their firm, their dissatisfaction often boils down to a lack of communication around costs. A... read more

California’s New Privacy Law and Internet of Things Cybersecurity Laws


On the heels of the EU’s implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California has passed legislation that tracks... read more

What It Takes to be a Trial Lawyer If You’re Not a Man: The Ethical, Professional, and Personal Costs of Confronting Gender Bias in the Courtroom


Today, women make up more than one half of all law school graduates. Yet they remain dramatically underrepresented at... read more

Intellectual Property and Beyond: Expansion of Intellectual Property Rights in the Fashion Industry


This program will examine traditional intellectual property or design rights in the United States, and will examine the latest cases... read more

New and Emerging Data Challenges


The way we communicate and conduct business is evolving rapidly, and eDiscovery must be able to track and support varied... read more

An Insider’s Guide To Matrimonial Law in New York


This program is designed for non-family attorneys who represent individuals that require or may require guidance as to issues involving... read more

Ethical Issues Facing In-House Counsel Working on Autonomous Vehicles


This program will cover ethical issues and other unique questions facing in-house counsel working on Autonomous Vehicles, including the artificial... read more