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From Murder To Museums: Abraham Lincoln, Adolf Hitler and The Hunt For Nazi Looted Art In America-Current Legal Controversies Over Nazi Art Looting


Museums today acknowledge that significant amounts of Nazi-looted art may have found its way into collections supported by U.S. taxpayers.... read more

Mediation in Construction


Construction disputes in general, and construction mediation in particular, can be extremely complex, with multiple parties, multiple claims and a... read more

The Associates’ Guide to Lifelong Rainmaking Skills


Congratulations, you graduated from law school and have become a licensed attorney! And while many of the skills and the information... read more

Voir Dire: Skills and Techniques for Selecting a Jury


Trials are often won or lost based on the jurors selected. Tom Jackson and Mike Ginsberg continue their trial skills... read more

DOL and IRS Retirement Plan Audits: Strategies for Success!


No need to worry if you are a plan sponsor whose defined contribution or defined benefit plan has been selected... read more

The Introverted Lawyer;” A Journey Toward Authentically Empowered Advocacy”


While naturally loquacious law professors, law students, lawyers, and judges thrive in a world dominated by the Socratic question-and-answer method... read more

Cryptocurrency Regulations: Past, Present, and Future


Since the publication of the Satoshi Whitepaper in 2009 which launched the Bitcoin protocol, cryptocurrencies have begun reshaped the financial... read more

“Trial Skills: Impeaching a Witness” Witness Credibility in the Age of Trump: Does Lying Matter? 


The art of witness impeachment is time-tested trial tool to determine witness credibility in criminal and civil cases. In... read more

Online Counterfeit Products: How to Protect Your Brand!


Just as commerce has migrated from brick and mortar stores to the internet, so too have the activities of counterfeiters.... read more

The High Court and Securities Law: A Look Back at the 2018 Term and the Coming Term


Digital Realty Trust. Cyan and Lucia defined key securities law issues regarding whistleblowers, class actions and perhaps... read more