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Welcome to the Celesq® AttorneyEdCenter (Celesq®) information page exclusively for current members and customers of The New York City Bar Association (City Bar). With over 23,000 members, City Bar, founded in 1870, is a voluntary association of lawyers and law students.

About Celesq® AttorneysEd Center
Celesq® (www.celesq.com), a nationally-recognized leader in providing high-quality continuing legal education programs to attorneys throughout the United States, focuses on the hottest topics and latest trends in practice areas of particular interest to outside and in-house corporate attorneys and litigators. A pioneer in online CLE, Celesq® today offers its programs in a variety of convenient formats, including live web casts, online streaming audio and audio CDs.

With approximately 150 programs currently available (see All Programs), and new ones produced each month, Celesq® can keep attorneys informed about breaking news and current trends in such areas as:
Litigation, Discovery and E-Discovery, Trial and Appellate Practice Skills
Intellectual Property (including our IP Master series for IP practitioners)
Computer, Internet and Technology Law (including programs in substantive law and skills)
Corporate and Securities and White Collar
Employment and Labor Law

Celesq®’s presenters
are highly-respected experts in their fields. Most are partners in some of the most prominent multinational firms, as well as in growing regional firms and boutiques.

To take advantage of Celesq®’s special discount available only to current members and customers of City Bar, please follow the instructions contained herein.

Selecting programs for purchase

To access all programs currently approved for CLE credit in NY, select New York in the Filter by State box or New York Accredited in the Filter by Category box under All Programs.

To access all programs currently approved or accepted for CLE credit in another state, select your state in the Filter by State box or in the Filter by Category box under All Programs.

Purchasing programs at your special City Bar discount

(Note: If you have not already signed up as a Celesq® member, you will need to do so before purchasing programs. When you sign up, you will enter your email address and create your password.) To purchase programs, go to www.celesq.com and sign in with your email address and Celesq® password. Once you’ve signed in, you may then follow the above instructions for “Selecting programs for purchase”. You will see a complete listing of programs available for credit in New York or another state in which you are interested. At this point, simply select which programs you would like to buy and they will automatically be added to your shopping cart.

When you are ready to purchase your program or programs, click on your shopping cart on the top right-hand corner. Because you are signed in with your City Bar membership, you can check out by entering your promo code, which is Citybar44 (for City Bar members and customers only), and then refresh your cart for your automatic discount to appear.

Celesq® is an Accredited Provider in the State of New York

Celesq® is an Accredited Provider in the State of New York (certified by the New York State Continuing Legal Education Board) for the period July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2016 for the following categories and methods of presentation:

      • Prerecorded audio (which includes, but is not limited to, audiotapes, audio CDs, audio files [podcasts, MP3s, etc.] and audio recordings archived online), for self-study; and
     • Prerecorded video (which includes, but is not limited to, videotapes, video CDs, DVDs, video files [podcasts, MP4s, etc.] and video recordings archived online) for self-study.

Programs taken in such nontransitional formats (for experienced attorneys only) must contain embedded codes for New York attorneys to identify on their Affirmation forms. All of Celesq®’s programs contain such code numbers (programs more than one hour in length may have multiple code numbers, each of which must be identified on the Affirmation). In order to receive your Certificate of Attendance, you must identify the code(s) for the program taken. Please also remember to keep copies of your Affirmation and Certificate for 4 years.

Additional Information for New York attorneys

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Accreditation and/or Eligibility in other states

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